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Guys, seriously. Today could be Doomsday.So, this particular protest stop has been camped out in front of the White House since 1981. The White House Peace Vigil, as it’s called, is pretty awesome. I mean, to keep a protest going 24/7 for over three decades? That takes commitment. There are a couple regulars who run the stand — the most famous being this old guy named Thomas and a lady named Concepcion Picciotto.

Unfortunately, Concepcion passed away a couple of years ago, but her project is clearly still going strong. I don’t mind running by their statements! Always thought-provoking/entertaining. Joining me in this un-patriotic endeavor were the lovely Miriam and Mercedes. We did a few easy Friday miles – more to just chat and enjoy the 10,000 times we had to stop for traffic lights than to do an actual workout. Mercedes’s shirt makes me want to use a typewriter to blog, because it would be so hipster and retro. But actually that would not work very well at all. But at least I put a “vintage” filter on this photo so it looks just like Instagram. Product review!I mentioned to Anthony how dirty my Brooks were getting the other day. As part of the most wonderful box o’ birthday goodies ever, he got me Sneaker Wipes! Random but so fitting. Let’s see how they did!

BEFOREAFTER:It’s never a good sign when I have trouble remembering which photo is the before and which is the after. Well, it was a good try! I think the wipes might be useful for more cloth-y shoes, but since mine are made from a plastic/mesh sort of material, the wipes didn’t really seem to cleanse my shoe’s poor pores. Oh well! I guess I can say my shoes are hipster too, with their vintage look. Luckily I have about 50 pairs of shoes that could use a good clean, so I’ll put those sneaker wipes to work!

It’s Friday, people! And tonight we’re off to Cirque du Soleil! Happy times.

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