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bye-bye, 2012

The city is alive again!


It was sort of nice hearing the whirl of traffic this morning. After very happy holidays, I guess everyone is back to the normal rush of life.

Looks like Fort Man is back, too. He really expanded his territory and built a full-length fence of sticks around his hut. I hope he has lots of blankets to keep him warm in there?


This morning’s run was a gorgeous way to get back into the groove of a normal work day. As much as you can “groove” to the thought of work after plentiful days of pajama lounging, ha ha.


So?! New Year’s! The Magnificent Meredith came to visit and we were so so happy to party with her on the last day of 2012. Somehow we wound up at Maple again, don’t ask me how.


Actually, you could ask me how, and I would tell you because we’re addicted. This place pretty much ticks off all the boxes: good (close) location, good prices, good atmosphere, and great food and drink. We especially took advantage of that last part on the 31st.

A bit of antipasti and a bottle o wine to start things off right.


Prosciutto, walnut, and cherry salad. Because really I can’t eat enough prosciutto, nor will I ever be able to spell or pronounce it on the first try.


Banana and nutella panini, please? It was one of those things where we couldn’t decided between two desserts and the server decided to give us both. Carpe diem. Or carpe panini.


We made time to toot our celebratory horns. I wish I could run with one of these to let pedestrians and bikes know I’m coming? It makes so much sense… but actually makes no sense at all. Story of my life.


Meredith and I donned these sparkly crowns, and got even more trendy when the bartender gave us some shiny plastic beads, too!


Then we made a chilly stroll to a friend’s party, rang in the new year with tons of style, and headed home shortly after.


Good times and a good start to 2013, I’d say. Happy New Year to you, you, and you!

  • What did you do for the new year?
  • Have you ever built a fort?
  • Favorite local bar in your town?

6 thoughts on “bye-bye, 2012

  1. Looks like a pretty fun night filled with good food and good company!
    1. New Years weekend was busssssssy.
    2. Love building forts, but mine are usually made out of blankets and couch cushions and involve my nephews and niece.
    3. I have one but there are many in my town.

  2. I am in need of eating lunch and I wish I could eat your salad right off your blog! Looks YUM! Didn’t do anything for New Year, was up in lab doing work…oh the life of a grad student!