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no fear

When marathon training gets a bit more intese, the weekends do too. Fridays are fun, but are tinged with a bit of anxiety because I start to think about my big Saturday run.

Luckily Anthony made delicious burgers to wash away all my Friday fears._DSC0643“Burgers” is used loosely here — he got really creative and made a Greek-inspired burger (similar to this one) that got even crazier with atypical accompaniments like pita bread, feta cheese, and greek yogurt. _DSC0644YUM.

I don’t know why I get nervous before long runs because really, it’s totally fine. You just have to take it one mile at a time. First I ran 10 miles solo along the Capital Crescent trail…
IMG_0126Then headed to Georgetown Running Co. to meet up with the Nike Women’s group.IMG_0127We did any easy 3 miles through Rock Creek Park, and then I continued on for another 6. Up Beach Drive!

IMG_0128And finally back home. At mile 18.5 my route was made complete:IMG_0130Good thing I was only half a mile from my own bed or else I would have laid my tired self right down on these mattresses.

For anyone in DC or visiting DC, here is a loose map of my route (starting and ending at the Columbia Heights metro station). I love looking at the map of my run afterwards to see how much of the city I explored.

And there’s still so much more ground to cover. Off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday — I hope you are too :)

  • Do you get nervous before big training runs?
  • What type of burgers do you like — lamb? beef? veggie? turkey?!
  • Do you map your runs before/after you run? If so what website or software do you use?

0 thoughts on “no fear

  1. Yes, I get anxious before long runs. I don’t know why either.

    I use MapMyRun to map some of my training so I can measure it but I rarely go back to look at them.

    The burger you had looks delicious.

  2. I did/do get nervous before long runs which I think is why I didn’t train as hard as I probably could have before my last half…and I think its why I backed out of the marathon.

    I like tasty burgers. :) Beef, turkey, veggie, it doesn’t matter as long as its good!

    I used to use MapMyRun before and after a run, but now that I have my Garmin I use Gamin Connect and MMR…because I can. :)

  3. That beer looked really refreshing being slightly off focus in the background of the yummy burger. Looked chilled and makes me want to grab a cold one right now !