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why I’m a CrossFit quitter

Still no running photos for you…

And no (recent) CrossFit shots either. Because I quit CrossFit.DSC02704-001

There are a bunch of reasons that went into the BIG decision, and they all led up to a single conclusion: It’s not worth it (for me). As most people know, CrossFit is very expensive — so in my mind, that means that it pretty much has to be the best, most perfect workout possible. When I realized that wasn’t happening, I decided to quit. Here are some reasons I’m a CrossFit quitter:

  • I found myself bored during class. The warm-up and WOD were exciting, but the other 20-35 minutes of class is spent stretching, talking, and doing slow strength training. Not for me. I like to move!
  • The “no-frills” “box” look didn’t appeal to me. The floors were dirty and the “décor” is basically… nothing. I’d be totally fine with this if I was paying less, but there are really nice gyms with spas, towels, showers, and more, just around the corner… that charge less!

And most importantly…

  • I didn’t really see results. I got stronger — especially in my arms, abs, and back — but didn’t notice any big differences over the four-month period. And unfortunately, in the end it looks like CrossFit didn’t carry me through a marathon any faster than I could carry myself before I started doing deadlifts and power cleans. I mostly did CrossFit in hopes to improve my running — and since it didn’t seem to make an impact come race day, I’ll save my money thank you very much!

And really, in the end, let’s just admit that I like running the most. I just like to run and nothing else is as good (or as cheap) as going outside on a jog.DSC02063

To be fair, though, there are a lot of reasons I was a (temporary) CrossFit enthusiast. Some of these include 1) loving the team dynamic; 2) getting individualized instruction; 3) recording your successes and pushing to exceed them; 4) jumping rope and doing handstands? that was fun.

Sorry to all of the diehard CrossFitters I’ve offended. To make everyone happy, here’s a burger:P1010187Anthony (who is still a big CrossFit fan, by the way) made these awesome turkey burgers last night. We paired them with broccoli… and wine. We are going to Australia in two days and need to start building up our tolerance. Cheers!

  • Have you tried CrossFit? Did you stick with it?
  • What’s your go-to burger recipe? Turkey? Beef? Beans?
  • Again, you need to tell me about your run because I am still in non-running mode…

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27 thoughts on “why I’m a CrossFit quitter

  1. Have you tried CrossFit? Did you stick with it?
    -I tried it and ran away from the box the minute the first class was over. I had a bad experience, and a guy dropped a 50 pound plate on my foot. So I’d actually say I limped away.

    What’s your go-to burger recipe? Turkey? Beef? Beans?
    – All of the above, but in slider form.

    Again, you need to tell me about your run because I am still in non-running mode…
    -It’s a rest day for me, so….

    Thanks for posting my article from Thriive!!!

    • Oh my goodness! that is terrible. I hope you’re recovered!
      I didn’t even realize you wrote that article! It was sooo good. I LOVE the Nike Training Club app. It’s so easy and has some really tough workouts!

  2. Thanks for this honest post! I’ve considered giving crossfit a whirl since all you hear are the positives. I’m glad I read this now!
    And, where in Australia are you guys going? How come? HAVE FUN!
    My favourite burger recipe is a black bean one from Daily Garnish. So delicious!

  3. I will do crossfit style work outs at my gym but that is all! I like feeling strong but I enjoy moving and sweating my face off much more! I agree that running is way more fun : ) And my go to is normally what is on sale, I would say lately though it is beef! Have fun in australia!!!! I am hella jealous!

  4. Have a wonderful trip! Can’t wait to see the blogs from down under!

    Love you kiddo….

  5. Thanks for being so honest! I’ve been doing CF since Jan and I really enjoy it! I don’t think it’s the end-all-be-all of fitness program, though. Running > CF :) As for burgers, it’s a toss up between beef and turkey…

  6. I have just found your blog and look forward to reading more! I enjoyed reading your opinion of Crossfit. I have never tried, but I have wanted to for a while now. I understand everything you said, and I’m glad you quit since it wasn’t for you. :)

  7. I missed this post, and just happened to see it now! Your reasoning definitely makes sense although I think some of it does depend on the box you go to. I can’t even imagine being bored at mine, and I get bored easily!! Just ask Kevin. Haha. People were just asking me this week if it helped improve my running, and I don’t think so! Except that I’ve run quite a bit on tired legs so that’s good training sometimes. I do think it has improved Kevin’s running though — just because it’s taught him to push through the suckiness!!! :)

    • i agree — the box does make a difference. anthony recently started attending a new crossfit place that has much more structure to their workouts and less standing around. he keeps trying to get me to join, but i’m still hesitant! re: running, yeah, i think it depends where you were as a runner before you started doing CF. i think i needed more run-specific exercises to boost a particular kind of strength in my hips, glutes, hamstrings etc. which my running coach has me doing now. we’ll see if that helps! who knows.

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  9. I left a comment somewhere else but wanted to point out that I love this. you put into words my thoughts as well! I had never thought of the lack of results but that was a big thing too. I’m 37 and have been running since I was 9 and my knees can’t handle it every day but it’s my first love.

  10. Well done you for listening to your mind and body and making a stand on what works best for you and your health! I’ve personally being doing Crossfit (as a British expat living in Russia, eek) for almost three months and in those three months I’ve improved my strength significantly. I’ve gone from never having deadlifted more than my little 4kg dumbbells I have in my home gym, to deadlifting 60% of my bodyweight (43kg) in our box’s competition, where I ended up winning 3rd place! I enjoy the camaraderie and the new skills I’ve learned; rowing, rope climbing, pull ups (kind of), box jumps etc…HOWEVER….I don’t go more than 3 times a week simply because I love to mix it up. I love a good old running interval workout,H.I.I.T session, Yoga, Pilates, Swimming or a Zumba class. They give me additonal, amazing benefits you just don’t get from Crossfit. Our class starts with a 10 minute warm up; running, med balls, rowing, slow burpees, that kind of thing, then about 20 minutes learning and practicing a skill then our WOD. I love it and I’m hoping to compete in our regional competition on 12th June but it’s not the be all and end all for me.