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How can you be sad it’s Monday when you’ve got a sky like this?
IMG_0607I moseyed along the monuments this morning for some truly American miles.IMG_0610

I hope you’re enjoying the new layout of minutes per mile. I decided it was time for a facelift. It’s because I wore this shirt when Anthony and I went on a short run yesterday. Unfortunately I did not have a nap as it says but I am going to conquer Earth today. DSC02962And don’t worry, I moved before that navy car could get me.

You know what you should get? This book. Anthony and I have made a number of recipes from it and have had a high success rate. Then again I eat everything so maybe I’m not the best judge. P1010445Last night we tried the spinach- and goat cheese-stuffed chicken. I don’t see the recipe online, but I see a very similar one here!P1010443

Anthony got creative and drizzled my herby sauce in an artistic, abstract trail across the side of the plate like they do in fancy restaurants. Maybe we should open one.P1010441On the side we roasted a boatload of vegetables. Tip of the day: buy organic carrots. They actually taste like carrots. Crazy!

  • Have you ever wanted to open a restaurant?
  • Do you think any particular fruits/veggies taste especially better when organic?
  • Do you love/hate this new layout?

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  1. I’ve thought that having a bakery or an ice cream shop would be fun. But not fun enough to actually try to open one.

    I like the new layout, but then I liked the old one too. Change is good sometimes, though. I really like the simplicity of your blog. Your pictures capture all the attention since there isn’t anything distracting the eye from your content.

    Happy Monday!

  2. I like your new layout. Simple and open. It’s nice :) I haven’t noticed a huge differnce between organic vs. not, however veggies straight out of my garden that aren’t already a few days old from sitting in a truck are definitely way more delicious! My husband would love to have his own food truck some day. He is a cook :)

  3. Hello Mary,
    I really like the new layout, it seems to be easier on the eye and overall better to read.

    Keep up the good work bride to be



  4. The new layout looks great! I’ve been trying to find one to simplify my little blog, too. I love a good cookbook that has a ton of easy-peasy recipes. My husband would love to own a restaurant; he loves cooking anything – simple or fancy. Me, not so much. I’ll just taste test it all!