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going southeast & gluten free


Here’s a toilet in the woods for you.IMG_1007Where did I find such treasure? At Roam Fitness‘s OutRun Adventure, which was held in the often overlooked and unexplored Southeast DC.IMG_0999Our group met bright (well, actually overcast) and early on Sunday morning at the Benning Road metro station.IMG_1001From there, we took off onto hidden trails and through empty parks in this interesting part of the city.IMG_1002A steady rain came down on us within the first 45 minutes and lasted through the whole 2.5-hour adventure, which made it even more fun!IMG_1004-001Anthony loves rain running at 8 a.m.IMG_1010Every half mile or so, our Adventure leaders made us stop and do burpees, dips, pushups, and a variety of other exercises to make sure we got a full-body workout. And also to make sure we got full-body coverage of grass, dirt, and mud.

IMG_1009At the end of the soggy, sweaty experience, the best thing happened. BRUNCH. Banana Cafe & Piano Bar in Eastern Market didn’t disappoint!IMG_1014Considering I had felt wet and tired for hours, warm pancakes soothed my soul.

As usual, OutRun was a complete blast. I loved getting to see new trails and a new part of town that I definitely would not have explored on my own. (Check out my first recap of OutRun here).

Team photo!IMG_1016-001And another thing. Gluten-free rice crispy treats. glutenfreericekrispie3The other day, I whipped these up with some gluten-free coworkers in mind… recipe here!

Unfortunately, even though I followed the directions perfectly, the result was far from perfect.glutenfreericekrispie4They tasted great but didn’t stick together! It was a melty, sticky, messy, and delicious experience for all.

I guess I am destined for gluten.

  • Have you ever gone gluten free?
  • What’s the soggiest run you’ve ever been on?
  • Locals: Have you ever run in Southeast?

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24 thoughts on “going southeast & gluten free

  1. Rainy runs are fun, except when the rain gets in my eyes. :( The wettest run I’ve done was a 9 miler. It didn’t rain for the first 3 miles, then the bottom fell out for the other 6. I’ve done gluten free for a couple weeks, because it was a challenge being held by the box I attend, but I failed because it was supposed to be for a month.

  2. Wow! Southeast! You are a brave young lady! When I lived out there I got lost on a Sunday afternoon in the CAR in SE and decided I never, ever wanted to return. The pimp and hooker on a street corner who were eyeing me felt the same way!!! LOL

      • I don’t blame you. Although, you were there early. It’s not like you were running through SE at 11pm on a Saturday night! LOL

        There are so many sketchy areas of DC. I know you’re careful but it’s still a little worrisome.

  3. I found rock creek parkway this weekend, that was my big accomplishment. Granted it was by bike but it was new to me! As to city runner… I am a sucker for VA. DC in general makes me nervous because I don’t know the good or or bad parts.

  4. I haven’t done much running in DC period- I live 20 miles out on the Maryland side. But looking at those trails, i think I need to! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Loved reading your recap and loved the pictures even more! I wish we could have gotten more photos because that whole adventure was completely unreal haha. Those pancakes were totally soul soothing worthy and greatly deserved if I do say so myself.