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sunshine, straws, & sprinkles

It’s pretty nice out there, but nothing to write home about. Write on the internet about, though? Okay.1-DSC03495Despite the dull skies this morning, I was walking/running on sunshine because I had a buddy beside me! Anne and I covered an easy five miles through the streets of Arlington. The best thing about blog friends is that they’re totally cool taking sweaty photos on the side of the road. Also it is quite apparent here that I need to get more sleep.2-DSC03497More quality girl time happened the other night when I met up with some other runner ladies to do what we do best outside of running. Eating froyo. Check out Leah’s amazing water bottle straw! It is bendable and washable. Great way to avoid spilling Nalgene all over yourself.1-photo (11)(I actually have a Camelback bottle with a built-in straw that is also wonderful!)

Sprinkles!1-photo (10)Speaking of yogurt, let me introduce you to one of my latest loves. 2% Coconut Chobani.1-_DSC0703Thanks again for sticking with me during this tough blog transition period of my life. And sorry to all of my email subscribers who might have been lost in the migration :(. You can re-sign up in the box to the right, and/or I’ll try importing you later today!

A couple announcements: Check out the Grub for Good 5k tonight in Cleveland Park, and also take a peek at all the free running seminars held at Potomac River Running stores around town! Nutrition and health coach Liz Greenlaw and others are speaking on a variety of interesting topics like sugar addictions, superfoods, and fad diets.

  • What was your last girls’ night/outing?
  • Favorite yogurt brand/flavor?
  • What’s worthy of writing home about today?

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9 thoughts on “sunshine, straws, & sprinkles

  1. Blogging / running buddies are the best, no shame! You are much better at snapping photos than I am though : )

    Last ladies night was on Friday! Just a few bevvies and called it a night! Yogurt = Harris Teeter brand key lime flavor.

    Worthy of writing home… I am taking a rest day, sighh. I’ve had 7 consecutive days are pretty tough work outs and tonight I am going home, making myself dinner, and eating some left over watermelon from my CSA box. It’s the small things in life hahah

    • haha i am loving all the comments! thank you! and i am trying to recall the name of the one cheese… it was really really good