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Welcome to (virtual) Washington, DC!1-DSC03498I was thiiiiiis close to sleeping in today, but I’m glad I didn’t. I would have missed this!2-DSC03499I thought summer was over, but it’s going out in a hot, humid fury. That was a sweaty six miles.

On my run I saw a lady wearing the 2012 Virginia wine country half marathon shirt! I wanted to stop and give her a high five since I ran that race too. I also sometimes see people wearing Disney marathon shirts and want to stop and celebrate with them. Does that ever happen to you?3-DSC03502Other than that it was a quiet run.

On the dinner table, though, we’ve got some pretty loud place mats.3-_DSC0701Anthony and I had the famous award-winning fajitas the other night. The key is to really grill the crap out of the veggies and chicken by blasting your grill/stove/easy bake oven as high as it can go.1-_DSC0699The other key is to make homemade guacamole. Better than store-bought, every time!2-_DSC0700If I had more time in my life, I’d make these from-scratch whole wheat tortillas I found on Twitter the other day.

Unfortunately, the time for more time has yet to come. As usual I am running late!

  • Are you usually on time, early, or running late?
  • What’s the humidity/heat like in your town?
  • Have you ever been stopped by a stranger for a shirt you were wearing?

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  1. Are you usually on time, early, or running late?
    – Always running late. Always.

    What’s the humidity/heat like in your town?
    – I live just in Northern VA so yeah… I’m ready for fall. My hair has taken on a mind of its own, and it has decided to be big. Very big.

    Have you ever been stopped by a stranger for a shirt you were wearing?
    – Yes! I was wearing a Rock n’ Roll USA shirt from my first half in 2012 and I was stopped by a guy in my neighborhood who also ran it, and it was also his first half. We high five every time we see each other out running now.

  2. I’m pretty much on time to events but sometimes I’ll be a little bit “fashionably late” if it’s a party.

    Humidity is horrible in Miami. It’s already terrible at 6am even before the sun is up here.

    I get stopped sometimes when people see me wearing my Color Me Rad shirt, people are really into the color runs down here. They always ask me if I’m doing one of the upcoming ones. It’s a nice feeling to be acknowledged by strangers for run related things.

  3. Pretty sunrise! I’m generally always running late for work. Anything else and I’m on time, or even a few minutes early. Still very humid here. It was at 100% when I woke up this morning but we’re at least in the low 70’s! I’ve never been stopped by a stranger, but I saw a new girl at CrossFit a few weeks ago who was wearing a Palmetto Relay shirt (in which I also participated) so I chatted with her for a few minutes. I absolutely love homemade guac, nothing beats it!

  4. I’m sure that woman wouldn’t have minded if you had stopped her. I love that about the running community. It really connects people.
    It’s suddenly become winter in the uk. Very wet and very cold. Ahh well!