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fashion statements & good company


I put my suspenders on this morning and headed to the gym. What a great way to start the day.1-_DSC0721Thanks to the Amish people of Bird in Hand for this wonderful race shirt! Ha.

And thanks to Julie for this boot camp workout!


I did this plus a short run-specific workout that my coach gave me to do. My legs are on fire!

We have company! Anthony’s parents came all the way from Australia to hang out with us and our massive abstract painting.9-_DSC0717Anthony and his dad love wine, so we also have a massive wine collection. Anthony is quickly becoming a VIP member at the K&L wine store4-_DSC0694We opened a bottle of our favorite last night!6-_DSC0700Anthony’s mom made everyone dinner. What a treat to come home to a homemade meal!7-_DSC0712Italian-style fish with a tomato sauce + roasted eggplant and peppers on the side. + more wine.8-_DSC0714It’s been great catching up with Anthony’s parents — who will officially be my parents-in-law in 16 days! Whoa!

As much as I’d love to wear suspenders to work today, I should probably change into something less striking. Have a great day :)

  • Have you ever worn suspenders?
  • How much wine/beer do you have on hand at any given time?
  • Where do you get your workouts from? Blogs? Websites? Your own mind?

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7 thoughts on “fashion statements & good company

  1. Meal looks awesome! I have never worn suspenders but you make them look positively adorable! Also your apartment is gorgeous!

    I normally have between 0 and 6 bottles of wine at home and my work outs come from Bodeefit.com, random blogs, my own mind, and copying moves I see other people do at the gym that look awesome!