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Beautiful FRIDAY.3-photo (11)

I biked into the city to meet up with Leah!2-photo (13)

Nothing like a good friend and soon-to-be-bridesmaid to get you going.! I can’t wait to show you wedding photos of us when we are all dolled up and have actually slept.

I got to run by my favorite tree! It’s the little things in life.1-photo (14)

Here’s a big thing, though: The DC Road Runners explored new happy hour territory last night. Chinatowan’s Presidents Sports Bar!2-DSC03508The venue met all of our needs, which are lots of space, beer, and french fries.1-DSC03507One enlightening conversation I had last night was about running shoes. A lot of my fellow runners rotate wearing up to four pairs of shoes at once; e.g., they wear their track shoes for track, support shoes for long runs, intermediate shoes for tempo runs and what not. Personally, I only wear one pair of shoes at a time and usually wear that same pair for about six months. Who knows how many miles that is but it is probably quite longer than recommended mileage.

I have so much to tell you! Now featuring the weekly salad.1-_DSC0680Greek style. Olives, peppers, feta, and tomato.

The real treat was salmon, which we bought on sale :)2-_DSC0681

Served with a simple vinaigrette and sunshine.3-_DSC0684

Have a brilliant weekend, team!

  • How many pairs of running shoes do you rotate at once?
  • Any advice for bridesmaids and brides?
  • What do you only buy if it’s on sale?

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8 thoughts on “so much to tell you

  1. Here’s my wedding day advice!!! I’m sure it won’t be news, but I think it’s so important.

    Whatever craziness was going on in your brain, turn it off like as soon as you are at the location getting ready. Enjoy your friends and family! And then fully enjoy your groom and then HUSBAND. Share such intentional moments that no matter how mad you are at him one day, you can’t argue with the magic of your wedding day — of the day you chose to commit for a lifetime. <3

  2. I never rotate shoes either. I wear one pair until I can’t remember when I last bought a new pair… indicating it is time to buy a new pair! I would love to but a pair or racing flats though…

    Also– do you run with your phone? well obviously you take pics with it ha… where do you keep it/put it? Do you find it bulky and heavy? I would love to run with mine but don’t know what to do with it!!

    • I usually run with my iphone if I’m likely to get lost or want to listen to music (I use spotify); if not, I carry my sony DSC-TX10 camera. it’s waterproof which i love! i don’t mind carrying them in my hand but i guess if you’re not used to it, it’s an adjustment

  3. My advice is practical: pay to have your makeup and hair done! It’s one less thing to worry about and when you see the finished photos you will be happy.. Good makeup artists really know how to make you look your best….! And enjoy the day, of course…

    • so funny you mentioned that! i was planning on doing both myself but recently decided that i’m definitely getting my makeup done and might opt for hair too! thanks for the advice! :)