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ten miles & tons of food

Spent the morning running in circles.3-photo_4I did about five miles on the track with the pee-wee football league :)

More 1000-meter sprints! Those were too tough. A bit more consistent than last time, but I was still all over the place!2-photo_2Plus about five easy miles off the track, which led me to the National Mall to see Anthony and the non-pee wee rugby team!4-photo_10

Then a big nap.

We have been hosting Anthony’s parents here for the past few days. So much good food all the time!

Chili.2-_DSC0692Which tasted even better when it was slow made in the slow cooker!1-_DSC0690Moving on to…

Ravioli! Anthony’s mom is Italian so she is a pro when it comes to pasta (and cannoli).2-_DSC0726Served with a salad…1-_DSC0725And more cheese.1-_DSC0730Let’s finish off with a beer from Ragtime1-photo_1Have a great weekend!

  • Best meal you’ve had all week?
  • Local readers: Favorite DC bars?
  • Do you do track workouts? If so, what day do you usually do them?

3 thoughts on “ten miles & tons of food

  1. I am not from DC, but I visited a friend once and we went to a pirate bar – in Silver Spring, MD called Piratz Tavern. It was wild…I’m pretty sure the main clientele there think they are real pirates, as do the servers. She said she HAS to take everyone there who visits her just to experience it!