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lazy Susan/Mary

How’s your Sunday going so far?

Ours has been pretty lazy. Some of the usual coffee…1-13-_DSC0769And an INTENSE ketchup competition. We pitted Whole Foods vs. Hunt’s on our eggs this morning. Hunt’s won!1-01-_DSC0757Very exciting.

Actually we did have a very exciting night, in the form of a big old wine and cheese extravaganza.3-_DSC0745The star of the show was a slate cheese board we recently got as a wedding present (thanks Frank & Jess!) that’s especially cool because it’s lazy Susan style. 1-_DSC0743The real stars of the evening, though, were Anthony’s parents. 4-_DSC0749It was their last night at our place so we celebrated with a lot of wine. We’re all working on building our tolerance for the week of the wedding. I’d say on a scale of 1-10 mine is at a 15.

We recently discovered that Trader Joe’s has really tasty and really affordable salamis etc. We now have meat to go on for miles.1-_DSC0738And when I’m not at Trader Joe’s, you can find me spending all of my income at the Whole Foods olive bar!!2-_DSC0741It was a wonderful evening and a great warmup for all the wedding festivities that are about to start! 5-_DSC0756Have a relaxing rest of your weekend!

  • Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods?
  • What’s your run today?
  • Favorite brand of ketchup?

6 thoughts on “lazy Susan/Mary

  1. Ohhh all that food looks amazing. I love getting sharing platters at restaurants and trying all the different foods. I love selections because it gives you so much variety and choice. It all looks very posh as well!

  2. Gotta say that my favorite brand of ketchup is Heinz!! Ketchup really isn’t something to play with since some brands are downright disgusting. When I studied abroad, the ketchup was this weird kind of watery tomato substance and I avoided it at all costs.