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A cool, quiet run.1-DSC03516

My thoughts today go out to the families and friends of the Navy Yard shooting victims. Lots of flags at half-mast.2-DSC03520

The miles are building up as the days until the wedding wind down… which is perfect! My coach and I arranged a flexible schedule for the two weeks of my wedding/honeymoon that is definitely light on miles. 3-DSC03521Though training is usually a solid priority in my schedule, it’s definitely not during the weeks of my wedding. After nine months of planning, I can’t wait to enjoy time with Anthony, family, and friends — and not worry about anything else.

I found a number of other bloggers who have discussed the topic of marathon training and wedding planning. See here, here, and here for some interesting perspectives. So far I haven’t found it too difficult or stressful to train for a marathon as well as plan a wedding. Looking back, here’s what helped me tackle the two together:

Gain support from family and friends. If you’ve got people helping you with planning and supporting you with your training, you’re golden. I’m lucky that Anthony is my top cheerleader, and my family has been on the ball with all things planning-related!

Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you miss a run, don’t worry about it. Similarly, if you can’t find the particular shade of napkin you wanted, don’t worry about it. Try your best to make a decision about how to handle the situation and move on!

(And also, I realize this one is easier said than done. I have definitely had a couple random meltdowns over the tiniest things. Nobody can be calm and collected all the time — so when your inner Bridezilla hits, you just have to accept her and let it out.)

Make lots of spreadsheets. I keep organized spreadsheets for both wedding stuff and training stuff. It helps me stay on track and makes me feel accomplished when I tick off a workout or a wedding to-do.

Anthony and I are still obsessed with our slow cooker. So when I saw this recipe for “easy and healthy” slow cooker-style butter chicken, I was sold.2-_DSC0004

We followed the recipe pretty closely except added more veggies, of course. Served atop brown jasmin rice. I can’t decide whether this photo looks really good or kind of gross. Sorry.4-_DSC0010

Also, speaking of rice, here’s a Real Simple article about the basics of different types and varieties of rice. 1-_DSC0002

We used light coconut milk but decided that full fat might be a better idea for next time. It lacked the richness that everyone loves when it comes to Indian food!3-_DSC0007

It was still very good, though. Yum.

  • Have you ever had or seen a “bridezilla” moment?
  • Favorite Indian dish?
  • What was your run like today?

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12 thoughts on “marathon training, wedding planning, slow cooking

  1. I’m thoroughly convinced that dishes that are all one color and “mushy” looking are the least appetizing when photographed (oatmeal, chili, etc.) But man, they do taste amazing! I don’t venture far with Indian food and stick with the tried and true chicken curry. No bridezilla moments for me… I was pretty easy going throughout the whole thing. Then again, we had a very small and intimate wedding (a whopping 15 people!). Great job on balancing it all! I was training for a half marathon and still kept everything in check, but not difficult to do when I didn’t have a gagillion wedding things to take care of. 😉

  2. I’m working on getting myself to run in the morning! If I go once a week in the morning – it’s a good week. :) Baby steps here. Didn’t run, 2nd rest day. Ran the Erie Marathon on Sunday which was a PR blast! It’s amazing how fast my body recovers after running long year after year. It also helps knowing that laying in bed ALL day after a long run doesn’t help with recovery. :)

    Love your DC morning pics!

    We have a few girls in my office who are getting married in a few months. Not sure what is worse, a Bridezilla or someone who talks about their wedding/wedding planning all.the.time. I mean, what are they going to talk about once their wedding is over?

  3. My run was contemplative. I ran in Anacostia Park, right across the river from Navy Yard and couldn’t help but think about yesterday’s events and how blessed I am to be able to run. Congrats on the upcoming nuptials!

  4. When I was planning for our wedding last year I found running such a great way of release from all the stress. It also gave me an interrupted time to think about stuff I needed to do. I wasn’t training for a marathon but I was running consistently three-four times a week.
    I love Indian food. Such aromatic flavours! Yum.