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good news & bad news

A grey day! I ditched my alarm to sleep in and laugh with Anthony about this. With coffee.1-_DSC0007

If you’re biking to work near Logan Circle today, make sure to pop into the Bike Rack! They are giving out free coffee to bike commuters.

More random goodness: Whole Foods’s floral section is the home to the cutest ladybug. I almost bought these $30 flowers just to take her home with me.1-_DSC0761-001

But instead I bought ingredients for this apple cheddar squash soup:3-_DSC0013More good news: It looked and smelled delicious…2-_DSC0006Bad news: It tasted horrible!

We thought it’d be fine to cook the soup in the slow cooker instead of on the stove, but realized that cheddar cheese cubes do NOT fare well under extreme (10+ hours) slow cooker conditions. The bottom of the bowl was filled with chewy burnt blackened cheese balls. I have never bit into a worn, greasy car tire but if I did I think it would taste similar to these lumps of cheese.1-_DSC0003We’re determined to give this soup another shot, so I’ll keep you posed on our progress!

That’s actually all of the exciting news I have for you today! Have a great one.

  • What was the last thing you got for free?
  • Last time you ruined a recipe?
  • What’s your run like today?

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7 thoughts on “good news & bad news

  1. I stopped by to get free coffee today as well! Love it when they do that.
    Sorry to hear about the soup, and thanks for the link back to RCR!