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sun & moon


happened this morning. So beautiful!

Met up with Anne for a seven-mile jog that turned into a little more than eight, actually. We got carried away!4-DSC03532

When we met the sky actually wasn’t orange yet. It was just a blurry, dark, moon-full morning.1-DSC03527

Within a mile or two the city woke up (pretty sure I was still asleep, though).2-DSC03528

We ran by the water. I actually have quite a few friends who prefer to run by water. I don’t know if it makes a huge difference mentally for me, but the vast blueness today did bring a sense of calm.3-DSC03531

Especially after last night’s high-energy run! I joined the DC Road Runners for some evening speedwork.1-photo (11)800s (two laps), six times. I hung around 3:14-3:19 and definitely felt that this workout was easier than when I did it last time. Maybe it was because I had good club members and the high school marching band cheering me on? :) Such a busy night at the track!2-photo (13)

When the moon went up and the lights came down, I remembered being 16 and going to high school football games. A nice (speedy) jog down memory lane.3-photo (14)I feel tired just writing about all the running I did over the last 12 hours so thanks to you if you actually read all of this. Tomorrow is a rest day which means my next post will be 100% about food. :)

Have a bright, sunshine-y day!

  • Did you see the sunrise today?
  • What’s your favorite speed workout?
  • Favorite part of high school?

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8 thoughts on “sun & moon

  1. This isn’t blog post specific, but I just have to say, I really love reading your blog. It takes me only like two minutes to go through a post yet I feel like I learn so much about what you’re up to. Your conciseness and pretty pictures make for one enjoyable blog :) Happy Thursday!

  2. You guys have gorgeous running there! I would most definitely choose the run by the water. It’s very soothing for me :)
    You have had an impressive 12 hours of running! Enjoy your rest day tomorrow.
    I definitely saw the sunrise this morning. It’s so much later now!

  3. Mary, I don’t know where you get the energy. After last night’s 4x1600M workout, my legs are pooped, and there’s no way I could have run more miles this morning. Well done!

    • haha if i had to do mile repeats, i probably would have been pooped, too! 800s are easier. i saw brian out there this morning, too! ha. must be our youth.