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lemon-dill deli wrap & lots more

As promised, today is 100% food Friday.

First up: A lemon-dill deli wrap. Wrap + peppers + turkey (or meat of choice) + dill & lemon + arugula. Wrap it up!3-2013-09-20Ta-da.2-_DSC0020The secret is the dill and lemon. They make this everyday wrap into something special :)1-_DSC0019I’ve been packing these babies for me and Anthony’s lunches this week! We actually work pretty close to each other and were able to meet up and dine al fresco / al foil.1-DSC03536I’m trying to soak up these last moments with my fiance because he’s heading off to boyland this weekend to get his bachelor party on. Let’s hope he comes back in one piece!

We enjoyed our LAST EVER NON-MARRIED NIGHT IN DC together by going to Ragtime, our new favorite bar.2-DSC03538I realized that I have ordered the exact same thing every time we have been to this restaurant. Am I getting old and/or boring?

Nah. The buffalo chicken salad is JUST that good.4-DSC03544It’s so spicy that you have to pair it with a beer (or two). Who is that weird guy in the background?3-DSC03539See? I stuck to my promise!

Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Do you order the same thing or different things at restaurants?
  • Do you buy deli meat? I think it’s one of those love/hate things…
  • Local readers: What’s your favorite bar around town?

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6 thoughts on “lemon-dill deli wrap & lots more

  1. I’m not a local of DC but I’ve visited often in the past couple years and I would have to say my favorite bar in DC is Lincoln. The decor is awesomely Abe and the bartenders are awesome. Try the moscow mule in the copper mug!

  2. Have you been to Bracket Room in Clarendon? Holy amazing food!
    And I might have gone there to check out the guy who was on “The Bachelorette”. But, aside from that – it’s good food! You won’t go wrong with the apple pie smash (it comes in a mason jar) or cerviche!

  3. Such yummy food pix! I definitely need to try out the wrap combo. I am a huge wrap fan. The buffalo chic salad looks fabulous! I am so quilty of ordering the same dish at various restaurants. Some dishes are just so good I can’t even think of trying anything else. Who knows – I maybe totally missing out .;)

    • eh, order what you want! i also love wraps, but am constantly in search of a good wrap that doesn’t break and is also big enough to fit all the toppings i like to pile on…