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mixed drink – long run – cold bath

My wedding diet is going really well!11-_DSC0013-001With a few more slices this week I should be in top form for the big day ;).

Pizza wasn’t the only thing on the menu last night. Drinks, too!08-DSC03545I met up with Miriam and Dan at Boqueria for one too many glasses of sangria. It happens. 09-DSC03548Just like last time, we had a blast.

I was in bed by 10 p.m. like a true party animal. Then up just in time for the sunrise today. 18 miles on the agenda!01-photoI did the first four solo around my favorite Arlington haunts.02-photo_2I’m going to be so sad when Teddy Roosevelt Island looses its green-ness this winter :(03-photo_3Then it was time to finish up the next 14 with the DC Road Runners.04-photo_4We tackled some extreme trails near Glover Park — this shot’s from one of the tamer areas!05-photo_7Then through the zoo and back to Arlington. I chatted with about six different people throughout the run, which made the miles go by nicely.06-photo_9Even though it was a pretty solid run, I want to make sure I recover really well today (because I have a 5k race tomorrow.)

So I took an icy bath when I got home. Since it wasn’t a full on frozen experience, I won’t call it an “ice bath.” More just like a cold, icy bath. First time I’ve ever done this. I only survived about ten minutes. It was freaking cold. 1-DSC03549BUT I will say I feel less achy right now. Here’s an article from Runner’s World that basically says ice baths could help when used appropriately and in moderation.

One thing you don’t need to moderate is smoothie intake. I had a random craving for a banana smoothie around mile 15 and blended one up as soon as I got home. I even put it in my runner’s glass to make it extra special.2-_DSC0017I hope you’re having a special Saturday, too!

P.S.: To anyone who is wondering whether my fiance is still alive, I spoke to Anthony this morning and he survived night one of his bachelor weekend. Good news!

  • What’s your favorite type of smoothie?
  • Have you ever taken an ice bath?
  • Do you do your long runs solo or with a group?

5 thoughts on “mixed drink – long run – cold bath

  1. So not on topic, but I have to say, you are so gorgeous! I cannot wait to see a picture (or two) of you all dolled up on your big day! My long runs are usually done solo, but I don’t mind doing them with others, just not all the time. I’ve never done an ice bath, they scare me! My favorite smoothie combines banana, peanut butter, chocolate syrup (just a little), cinnamon and almond milk. Nomnomnom. :)

  2. Sangria is one of those drinks that is just too easy to drink. So tasty. Lethal!
    Nice work on getting up and running a long run as well.
    I swear by ice baths! They’re horrible but it’s just gotta be done. I always have a cup of hot tea when I’m in there hehe.