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first tacos, then a 5k

Right now I am seriously torn about this post. I don’t know whether to start with a race recap or a taco recap.

Just kidding. TACOS obviously.3-_DSC0026I had a little girls’ get together last night. The theme was build your own tacos and talk nonstop.1-_DSC0020Toppings galore. Also, I’m going to take a second and brag about making my own guacamole. I think it’s one of those things that is 100% better if made fresh. Ya know?2-_DSC0022The rest of the stuff was pretty easy. Especially the black beans! Just douse them in taco seasoning and fry ’em up with some peppers and whatever veggies you’ve got on hand.3-_DSC0031The real focal point of the evening was our dinosaur-shaped salt and pepper shakers. 1-_DSC0029It’s the little things in life.2-_DSC0030Just one more taco shot, because you can never have too many.4-_DSC0027And ice cream. 4-_DSC0034I definitely miss my roomate/fiance, but hanging out with these girls sure made my night less lonely! :)

Then it was time to run a 5k. I headed to Georgetown for the Stop Cancer Now 5k Run/Walk this morning, with semi-fresh legs after yesterday’s 18-miler.1-photoI haven’t done many charity runs before so the purpose and passion of many of the runners was surprising and inspiring. Run for a cause!

Since it was a flat, narrow, out-and-back route, I made sure to get to the front of the pack!7-photo_3The race started… and I was head-to-head with another girl as the first place woman. I stayed in first for the first 2.5 miles, and then she passed me! Ahh!!6-photo_2I wouldn’t have any of that, though, so I passed her again at mile 3. Unfortunately I guess she also wouldn’t have any of that and then sped by me at the very final 0.1 mile! What a race.

We actually chatted and congratulated each other at the end — and both thanked each other for helping us each push hard at the end. Friendly competition :)

I would have liked to break 21 minutes for first place, but I’ll take 21:02 and second place too. (I’m sure that multiple beers and ice cream the night before had nothing to do with my race results.)5-photo_1I enjoyed a nice walk home from the race and bought a fancy iced ginger peach tea to sip while I strolled.

8-photo_5Not a bad way to spend a Sunday. Hope yours is good too!

  • Did you race this weekend?
  • Iced tea or iced coffee?
  • Do you buy guacamole or make your own?

6 thoughts on “first tacos, then a 5k

  1. Wow, you rocked that 5k! Awesome! I love a good homemade taco. Before Bruce went 80% paleo, I would add black beans into the meat made with our homemade taco seasoning, so good! Iced coffee, please. I’ve never met a tea that I’ve liked. Homemade guac all the way.

  2. I quite like havin such strong competition like that as otherwise there’s a temptation to just run it and not race it. Nice that you congratulated each other too – that’s how it should be! I’d hate it if people were so serious and mean about beating me.