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the bridal blog begins

Let’s just start with the bad news.1-DSC03535The other day my beloved Garmin shed one of its delicate body parts and now it has a sad gap where the “page” button should be. Luckily it’s still functioning but we are working on restoring it back to full glory soon. I’ll keep you posted.

The good news is that I’ve solved a different crisis in my life.1-_DSC0048I’m always debating between sweet and salty when it’s time for breakfast. The solution: salty eggs on sweet cinnamon raisin bread. I know it sounds weird, but try it. You’ll like it!

Juuuust runny enough.2-_DSC0054(We recently bought egg rings and are loving our perfectly round creations!)

Speaking of buying, I spent way too much time checking out all the goodies featured in Redbook yesterday. It’s amazing how much stuff they manage to pack those pages with. 1-_DSC0020On one hand, I love flipping through and seeing all the cute things to buy; but on the other hand, I realize there is a lot more to life and even if I bought everything in the magazine it still wouldn’t make me happy. Only love, faith, and family can do that, duh. But Redbook did introduce me to two new shopping sites: Sole Society and Foreign Exchange. Not lifelong happiness, but definitely a bit of fun :)

Back to lifelong happiness:  In I am going HOME to see my family and in five days I am getting MARRIED. I saw this couple while I was out yesterday — it’s a sign!9-photo_6

Hope you don’t mind that this running blog is morphing into a bridal blog for the week :). Have a good Monday!

  • How long did your Garmin last before it broke?
  • What magazines do you subscribe to?
  • Breakfast: Sweet or salty?

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16 thoughts on “the bridal blog begins

  1. Your poor Garmin! I’ve had mine for almost a year and haven’t had any problems with it (yet). I like salty and sweet breakfasts but I lean more towards salty. I have a subscription to Runners World, Coastal Living, Real Simple and Shape. I know the Pottery Barn catalogs are free, but they are the ones I actually flip through a few times before tossing. :) Exciting to read about the upcoming wedding adventures!

  2. First of all, I need to try that breakfast sounds weird but good hahaha!! I am always confused between sweet or salty breakfast! Second, enjoy yor wedding and keep us posted! Best wishes!!

  3. I can’t believe you’re getting married in five days!!! So exciting! Definitely turn this into a wedding blog!
    Our anniversary is on Friday, so we got married on the same weekend.
    I actually don’t subscribe to any magazines, but my husband buys Road Bike Action, Mountain BIke Action, Triathlete, Triathlon Canada, Runner’s World, and Trail Runner almost monthly!

  4. SO SOOOOON!!!! I bought my Garmin in March 2012 and it is still chugging along! I can’t help but think you should get at least a few years out of a watch. I would be pretty ticked off if mine didn’t last at least 3 – 4 years.

    • yeah, i think mine will endure, it’s just a minor fix! it’s also only 1.5 years old so i think it’s got at least another year or two

  5. I am a huge lover of the sweet/savory, but usually go for savory breakfast as I find myself desperate for sweet ALL day if I have it for breakfast. And I don’t think there is any magazine better than OPRAH Magazine. I look forward to it all month and then either devour it in an hour or savor it for a week, depending on my mood :)

    Happy wedding week! – Chrissy

    • interesting contribution to the discussion. i would say depends how much pb you’re putting in there and what kind it is! i find that some of them are super salty while others are sweet! haha