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I had one last thing to do on my wedding week checklist today and that was track.1-photo_2A last good workout before the Tennessee fun begins! On the menu was SEVEN 1000-meter dashes. 3-photo_4Actually, they weren’t supposed to be dashes. My coach told me to stick at 4:30 for each rep and to definitely not run faster than 4:20. If this had been a test I would have scored a 28% because my times were: 4:16, 4:17, 4:17, 4:19, 4:17, 4:22, and 4:20.

Even though I “beat” the goal time, I didn’t actually win. My coach is having me try and learn how to pace myself and “read” my body at different effort levels. I obviously am struggling to understand what a non-sprint but non-long run pace feels like! I have two gears basically.2-photo_3

Speaking of gears, I rode Betty to and fro the track today. On the way home I realized I haven’t had a car in seven years. Crazy.5-photo_6

AND introducing another brilliant wedding gift. Panini press.1-_DSC0056It’s just turkey, spinach, and tomato sandwich but it just looks so… fancy.2-_DSC0059

Crisp apple on the side. Thank you, fall.3-_DSC0062


Now it’s time to go down South and marry this guy. I  still have more on the travel to-do list so actually, I really do need to dash now.1-_DSC0028See you from Tennessee!

  • What’s your favorite type of apple?
  • Any tips on how to “read” yourself when pacing? (I don’t even know how to phrase this question so am clearly lost)
  • When was the last wedding you went to?

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  1. Looking forward to wedding posts! Congratulations!

    I love green, sour apples. A great after-race snack I keep with myself.

    One common way I pace myself is that I control my breaths, which in turn lets me control my pace. Such as, one slow breath in, one slow breath out for veery slow pace / two short breath ins and one breath out for moderate/ short breath in short breath out for faster paces. You can’t time the steps you take but you can feel how long and hard your breathing is. Hope it helps :)

    • Good idea. I’m too busy rocking out to music to hear myself breathe, but I can still feel it… I’ve also heard you should breath from your “gut,” not your chest?