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a late and soggy race recap

Hello from wedding world! AKA Tennessee.4-photo_6It’s was a rainy day, but that’s a good thing. It means the skies will be clear for Saturday! (Which is my wedding day.)

This morning I covered some miles on the trails around my old ‘hood. It’s good to be home.3-photo_4After a soggy jog I was ready for a hot breakfast.2-photo_1

Then I hit the road in a real car (!!) for dress fitting, hair-doing, gift-prepping, and a lot more. My favorite pit stop:1-photoMy parents’ house has transformed into a Mary-and-Anthony adventureland. Entertaining!1-6-photo_7The most entertaining thing of the day, though, was my niece’s organized foot race in our driveway. She takes running pretty seriously and beat us all.2-1-photo (11)-001I think I set a new PR.

Back tomorrow with more wedding/running/eating madness!

  • Do you have kids? Do they run or play sports?
  • What’s your favorite drink at Sonic?
  • Running in the rain: yay or nay?

4 thoughts on “a late and soggy race recap

  1. I love running in the rain, especially where in the city you don’t get so much fresh air, except for the rain.

    Running with that extra bit of water soaked is a huge experience and also keeps me cool during hard interval training :)

    ps: Are those raspberries? Gorgeous! Now I’m hungry :)

  2. Yay for your and Anthony’s wedding! I love running in a drizzle/light rain, especially when its cool outside. Not a big fan of downpours, then I just can’t see. My step sons like to run 5k’s with us and the oldest is playing soccer now. They also love doing CrossFit with us on the weekends we have them. So cool! I love a (diet) cherry limeade from Sonic. So good.