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morning shots

It’s a good thing I’m not afraid of the dark.2-photoAnother jog in the fog here in Tennessee… but clear skies are headed our way for the big day! Yes, rhyming.3-photo_1I covered a quick five miles before the morning and wedding madness set in :)4-photo_2Look who I finally got to see! Anthony’s back from bachelor world…2-_DSC0028But he just popped in to say hi before my dad made him take shots (at 8 a.m.) and head off for a guys’ day.1-_DSC0027As for me, I’m off to girls’ day! Lots of feminine fun coming up.

And here’s a shot of an Italian beef sandwich. My mom is the best when it comes to dinner. And breakfast and lunch actually.1-_DSC0024Have a great day!

  • What was your run like today?
  • What’s the earliest you’ve ever started drinking?
  • Last bachelor/bachelorette party you went to?

3 thoughts on “morning shots

  1. Yay, he’s alive! :) Today is a rest day – maybe an easy 2 miles after work, but nothing more. After 7.5+ miles and CF yesterday, my body needs some time off. The earliest I’ve ever had a drink is probably 10:30 AM on New Year’s Eve a number of years ago…

  2. 6 AM! College graduation! Bars open early and it was tradition to hit them up at 6am with your family! Talk about dedication my gma even made it there!