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no running, lots of cake

Being married is pretty difficult.5-DSC03632You have to do things like party with your new father-in-law…4-DSC03489Enjoy heavy-handed pours of red wine with friends from DC and beyond…3-DSC03481And play with all your adorable nieces and nephews.2-DSC03478(including a kiddo to come from my brother and sister-in-law!) :)1-DSC03477-001Tough times you guys.

I think that’s it for the wedding photos for now. Moving on to the day after. We stayed at the Opryland hotel, which is completely over the top in a good way.1-DSC03620Sunday morning brunch was wonderfully lazy and relaxed after Saturday’s high-energy fun.2-DSC03621Annnnnd now onto my three favorite photos of late, all of which involve Anthony’s mom:

1. Another beautiful cake:3-DSC036242. Giant jugs of margaritas:1-DSC03578 3. More cake.4-DSC03629I think I like my new family.

Now it’s time to hop on this plane to Mexico.1-photo (13)


  • What kind of wedding cake did you have at your wedding?
  • Where did you go for your honeymoon?
  • Say anything about running since I haven’t touched the topic in days!

10 thoughts on “no running, lots of cake

  1. CONGRATS!!! Opryland is so nice, great pick for your first night as man and wife! I actually lived in Nashville for a few months, super fun place!

  2. Congratulations :) Wow that wedding cake looks beautiful! Ours was fruit at the top, vanilla in the middle and lemon in the bottom. So good. We had so much left too – it all went in our freezer 😀
    Have fun on your honeymoon!

  3. We had so much fun and we love our new daughter-in-law. We do want to spend more time with you and your new husband anywhere you prefer.
    Love always and blessings to you both and have a great time on your honey moon.

    Your new family from down under

  4. Everyone is so happy! <3 Looks like a blast! Enjoy Mexico!
    Running – I did a 7 mile tempo run this morning on the Mt. Vernon Trail. Wasn't sure if I was going to manage an 8:00 (and under) with less than 6 hrs of sleep. Nailed it. :)