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mexican miles + margaritas

Hola!02-_DSC0042We are in Mexico.09-_DSC0069We arrived last night and took a long, bumpy taxi ride to our little bed and breakfast in the city of San Miguel de Allende. It’s located about three hours northwest of Mexico city and full of charming scenery and architecture.07-_DSC0058So much color.04-_DSC0051Our bed and breakfast is equally wonderful. It’s a revamped church that’s full of vibrant art and funky furniture.01-_DSC0032The view isn’t so bad, either.03-_DSC0045We kicked off our first night at a little family-run restaurant near the town square. We met the family’s dad and many of his sons throughout the night! They had fun practicing their English with us while I worked on my Spanish.

Luckily “margarita” is a universal word.11-_DSC0075We started off with a “light” round of chips and salsa…08-_DSC0067Then went for fajitas 10-_DSC0072and arrancha (grilled flank steak). 12-_DSC0076Pretty good way to kick off a honeymoon if you ask me.

Plus a run this morning!4-DSC03654The rocky, windy, and narrow streets aren’t exactly ideal for jogging, so after a mile or so outside we headed to a gym where, per our one-day contract, no jokes are allowed.1-DSC03643I kicked it on the treadmill while my husband lifted weights with the locals.2-DSC03648Then we checked out a nearby supermarket. I love looking at different foods and comparing prices in different cities! The highlight of the trip was seeing a half-mile long aisle dedicated completely to rice and beans.3-DSC03650What, you don’t go on a grocery store tour when you’re vacationing? Hmpf.

And some other news from this morning’s miles…5-DSC03657I guess it’s time for some calcetines nuevos.

Have a great day!

  • Have you ever been to Mexico?
  • What kind of socks do you wear when you run?
  • What are your favorite things to do on vacation?

7 thoughts on “mexican miles + margaritas

  1. Congratulations, Mrs! Your wedding photos were stunning- loved the dress, the hair, and everything else!
    The honeymoon looks wonderful so far, especially the colourful buildings and salsa options!!
    My fave things on vacation are wake up and go on a sweaty run, indulge in great food, enjoy the beach (if there is one) and do something active and fun!

  2. Ah, me gusta Mexico! If you have time, make a pit stop in Districto Federal – I love that place, so much to see and do! Looking at your pics of San Miguel de Allende is making me think I should go beyond la capital now. :)

    • ah, next time! we are off to a beach near cancun now so probably won’t make it. thanks for the recommendation though!

    • haha luckily we have a lot of time to chill out so it’s not really a big deal. plus anthony is my #1 reader and needs daily posts!