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exhausting overload of photos

Morning!06-_DSC0022Here comes Mexico Part II.

I didn’t buy new socks yesterday, but I did buy a bunch of other stuff. I do love a good run but a good shop is just as satisfying.13-_DSC0074We spent most of the day exploring…

07-_DSC0027and eating. The lettuce here is so fresh!10-_DSC0045San Miguel is structured around la Parroquia church, which was built in the 17th century and is still going strong today!11-_DSC0065It’s particularly stunning at night.3-_DSC0152But back to daytime. We must have covered four or five miles by foot yesterday… at an altitude of 6,500 feet! 09-_DSC0037Lots of drinks and chips kept our energy levels high.14-_DSC0101We popped in a little café for some guitar + flamenco.15-_DSC0121Such passion and so much pounding! I hope these ladies’ joints are okay?16-_DSC0132Saving the best for last…2-_DSC0147And the BEST best for very last.4-_DSC0153I’m exhausted just writing all of this. Time to do it again!

  • Have you ever seen flamenco dancing?
  • Favorite foreign dessert?
  • Do you live at altitude?

11 thoughts on “exhausting overload of photos

  1. Wow looks amazing! Love the dancers.
    I’m so sad I’m back from our Mexico trip. It was so lovely and warm! And I could literally eat 10 churros in a row. Every day. Dipped in chocolate of course 😉

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