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exhausting overload of photos

Morning!06-_DSC0022Here comes Mexico Part II.

I didn’t buy new socks yesterday, but I did buy a bunch of other stuff. I do love a good run but a good shop is just as satisfying.13-_DSC0074We spent most of the day exploring…

07-_DSC0027and eating. The lettuce here is so fresh!10-_DSC0045San Miguel is structured around la Parroquia church, which was built in the 17th century and is still going strong today!11-_DSC0065It’s particularly stunning at night.3-_DSC0152But back to daytime. We must have covered four or five miles by foot yesterday… at an altitude of 6,500 feet! 09-_DSC0037Lots of drinks and chips kept our energy levels high.14-_DSC0101We popped in a little café for some guitar + flamenco.15-_DSC0121Such passion and so much pounding! I hope these ladies’ joints are okay?16-_DSC0132Saving the best for last…2-_DSC0147And the BEST best for very last.4-_DSC0153I’m exhausted just writing all of this. Time to do it again!

  • Have you ever seen flamenco dancing?
  • Favorite foreign dessert?
  • Do you live at altitude?

11 thoughts on “exhausting overload of photos

    • it’s a nikon d5000 with a 35mm digital lens. a bit to carry around, but worth it! for my runs i use a DSC-TX10.

  1. Wow looks amazing! Love the dancers.
    I’m so sad I’m back from our Mexico trip. It was so lovely and warm! And I could literally eat 10 churros in a row. Every day. Dipped in chocolate of course 😉