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mexican history & tortilla chip #3589723

Introducing tortilla chip #3589723:11-_DSC0069Some people might get tired of eating Mexican food for three days straight, but Anthony and I don’t.

Yesterday we took a walking tour which shed some light on the interesting history of San Miguel.06-_DSC0040Our tour guide took us through a lot of churches, castles, and other spots full of good stories.05-_DSC0030Not only did we enjoy soaking up some Mexican history, but we also had a good time with the rest of our group which was seven women all in their sixties. They were a riot!14-_DSC0094We also popped in a few shops and a couple of small museums. The weather was perfect for walking!07-_DSC0045Highlight of the day: we finally found someone who could take a picture of us that was in focus.10-_DSC0061After so much walking and learning we needed to refuel. A bottle leftover wedding wine on the (rainy) roof…12-_DSC0076This doesn’t really get old.13-_DSC0086Then hit the town for our last meal in San Miguel! Lots more tortilla chips followed by lots more margaritas at a couple hole-in-the-wall spots.1-_DSC0126The Italian playing cards came out.15-_DSC0120Despite my perfect poker face, Anthony won. 2-_DSC0129Just want to let you know that I still do that thing called running.3-DSC03659I find treadmills boring, but this one entertained me with its funny Spanish-isms.4-DSC03661After about eight miles on a margarita-filled stomach, breakfast tasted pretty darn good.6-DSC03663Now it’s time to go to the beach where apparently there is a hurricane named Karen. Bring it on.

  • Do you usually eat before you run?
  • What type of cuisine could you eat every day?
  • French toast, pancakes, waffles, or cinnamon rolls?


8 thoughts on “mexican history & tortilla chip #3589723

  1. I could eat Indian food every day though I’m not sure my tummy would be that happy!
    I never eat before running – it makes me feel sick. I like to fully enjoy a big meal afterwards though!
    Your photos look amazing – looks like you saw a lot of beautiful culture.

  2. Hahaha i like the introducir rapido. Hilarious!!!!!!! And the street bunting is beautiful. I used to run on one that I think was in English??? Or maybe it was Spanish and just not funny. But it was set to kilometers, and I really had a hard time figuring out the pace I was running. I would print out a little conversion chart to bring to the gym with me.