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mexican “triathlon”

A final day south of the border! I decided to conquer a Mexican triathlon.

First, a hot and humid run on the beach.aNext, some biking!06-_DSC0177With an unexpected stop for swimming ;).02-DSC03692We rented some old school bicecletas for the day to journey around town and check out some Mayan ruins. Pretty stunning!05-_DSC0157The Mayans did all sorts of cool stuff like coordinate everything with the moon cycle and set up badass forts.03-_DSC0134We are basically certified historians at this point.04-_DSC0146It is about 100 degrees here. We’ve been staying hydrated with enormous fresh-pressed juices…06-DSC03678And a fair share of margaritas.1-_DSC0083To eat?

Fresh salads.07-DSC03681and super steamy fajitas.07-_DSC0193Most nights have been spent with a couple more of the mojitos pictured above, plus a round or two of cards.09-_DSC0107I think we’re tied for overall honeymoon cards winner status.08-_DSC0089And now that we’re sufficiently sanded and sunburnt, it’s time to head back to DC! See you on the other side :)

  • Favorite cocktail?
  • Have you ever done a triathlon?
  • Random: Recommendations for good old movies? Anthony and I have decided we are going to start watching old films for some reason.

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