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pureconnects & peanuts

Back in town!4-photo_5

My sneaks haven’t recovered from the weekend’s sandy, soggy runs… so I got to break out a new pair of PureConnects for today’s run.5-photo_6Although I’ve heard rumors that the PureConnects are being discontinued, I couldn’t find any supporting evidence online and they’re still for sale on Brooks.com (and still on sale at Nordstrom.com!). So I’m happy to share this in-depth review of my favorite running shoe ever. If you’ve got narrow feet and like to keep your shoes light, I’d recommend giving the PureConnects a try.

One thing that has been discontinued, however, is Teddy Roosevelt Island. Thanks, government shutdown. :(1-photo_2

And even though my favorite spot is closed and the skies were humid and windy, I still loved my run — especially after my recent running struggles at altitude and on the ocean!2-photo_4Another perk of coming back to our DC home: We had a ton of fun packages waiting for us! One of which was this tub o’ peanuts I randomly won on Twitter the other day.1-_DSC0308Feridies is a Virginia-based gourmet peanut company. I didn’t know that peanuts could even taste “gourmet” — but after sampling a few of these “super extra-large” peanuts, I could definitely taste the difference in quality. 2-_DSC0310Much crispier, much more flavor than you’d find in your average pack of airplane peanuts. I know it sounds crazy, but these peanuts are perfect. I’d recommend them!

Off to tackle my Monday. Have a good one!3-photo_1

  • Peanuts: salted, unsalted, or honey roasted?
  • Are any of your favorite parks shut down at present?
  • Best thing you did all weekend?

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14 thoughts on “pureconnects & peanuts

  1. I ran past Teddy Roosevelt Island on Saturday and saw those horrible gates. Fortunately it seemed like that was the only park that was really closed (and impossible to get into)…oh and the zoo :( You now have me craving salty peanuts…

  2. Oh my gosh. Pure connects discontinued? I would die. And the pink ones are the cutest pair I have seen… Might need to go buy a pair. Today!!

  3. AHHH the island!! What butts. When it comes to nuts I prefer cashews and pistachios salted! Best thing of the weekend was boycotting my car Sunday and using bikeshare all day!

    Welcome back!

  4. I like honey roasted for snacking but we make our own peanut butter so we use unsalted for that. Those shoes are super cute, I would love pure connects but I wear brooks adrenaline because they are the only shoes that help my over pronation and knock kneedness. Lol. Best thing this weekend? Eating a large amount of pizza and a long run on hills that now make my legs feel like they are going to fall off!

  5. I like honey roasted for snacking but use unsalted for making homemade peanut butter. Those shoes are super cute, I would wear pure connect but I wear brooks adrenaline because they help my over pronation. Best part of my weekend? Long run on major hills and my legs feeling like they were going to fall off and then eating a ton of pizza. :)