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dark mornings, white whales

Fall is my favorite season BUT if I do wish the daylight would break earlier. The start of my run looked like a spooky movie scene.1-DSC03704Luckily I had plenty of company along the way to keep me at peace.

First, my friends who offload stock at Urban Outfitters. They’re always up at 6 a.m. hauling boxes of cute t-shirts on M St. with indie rock blasting.2-DSC03705Second, I met up with Miriam for some miles! This might be the freakiest looking photo of myself I’ve taken in a while, so why not put it on the internet.4-DSC03708It’s one of those awkward seasons where you don’t know whether to wear long or short sleeves — note Miriam’s handy shirt-tie methods to run with both.

Actually, a while back I developed a chart with my running wardrobe at different temperatures if you’re ever in a clothing conundrum. You can check it out here.

And by the way, the sun eventually rose and it was gorgeous.3-DSC03707Good start to the day.5-DSC03709And lastly, look who I literally ran into during my final mile!6-DSC03711Fate.

Since I hadn’t run much over the past two wonderful wedding-filled weeks, I was a bit nervous about this run. But thanks to all my friends who helped me along the way, I made it for all 12 miles. Phew.

I also finally cooked something. Since Anthony and I arrived late on Sunday night from Mexico, we have been throwing together quick dinners the past two evenings while we catch up on laundry, shopping, unpacking, and all that other fun stuff that makes married life extra special.

A while back I cut up, marinated, and froze some chicken for occasions just like this. It’s sort of like intentionally leaving a $10 in your back pocket at the end of the day, so that you’ll happily surprise yourself the next time you wear them. You know?1-_DSC0319But of course we couldn’t stop with this plate. We needed to add cheese. And not just any cheese.

Buffo mozzarella, AKA “The Great White Whale of American Cheesemaking.”2-_DSC0323I just pictured a whale made of cheese.

Have a great day!

  • What was your run like today?
  • What’s your favorite season?
  • What’s the best way to start a day?

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5 thoughts on “dark mornings, white whales

  1. SUMMER!! I haven’t been working out in the morning so the late sunrise isn’t so bad. It was nice to see it this am. Haha. I haven’t been getting up early either. But the best way to start the day is a workout. Or coffee!!!

  2. Marinating then freezing? Genius! I love fall and winter. Its nice and cool for running, which means I don’t have to crawl out of bed at some crazy morning hour to beat the heat for a weekend run, unlike the summer. Plus I love bundling up, fire places and taking a stroll downtown during a perfect late fall/early winter afternoon. I now realize that I daydream too much. :) I love starting my day with an awesome cuppa coffee (or two) followed by a run.

  3. I love summer and fall!! And only winter if I am in the mountains skiing :) And spring because it is my birthday season.. so all the above??

    My hip has decided to hurt. Bad. So yesterday’s 6 miler was short and that will be it for a while for me… uggg mad at myself for this!