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my top 5 strength exercises & a quinoa shrimp salad

Over the years I’ve learned that actually, what everyone says about strength training really is true. You have to do it to become a better runner! Here are some of my favorite run-specific strength exercises that I think have helped me become a stronger, faster, and less injury-prone runner.

1. Bridge (Two-leg, single-leg, and with stability ball)


2. Side-lying leg lifts


3. Single-leg squats


4. Plank with stability ball (or with medicine ball)



5. And an old favorite… the wall sit.


And don’t forget to stretch! I also skimp on stretching but do try and do this yoga routine and/or this yoga routine once or twice a week.

Finally, here’s the weekly salad feature:


I made this asian quinoa salad from Two Peas and Their Pod. To make it a bit heartier, I added avocado and add shrimp; I also tossed in some butter lettuce to “stretch” the recipe and give some extra crunch.


Speaking of crunch, I also thought a few of those gourmet peanuts would taste good in there, too!1-_DSC0014

Anthony and I give this salad a B+. Although it is beautiful, it’s not the BEST salad we’ve ever tasted (probably because it doesn’t involve cheese). Still pretty darn good though.

Let’s make this day a darn good one, too.

  • What’s your favorite strength exercise?
  • Have you ever made quinoa? Do you eat it hot or cold?
  • Funniest thing that happened to you recently?

Of interest:


8 thoughts on “my top 5 strength exercises & a quinoa shrimp salad

  1. Thanks for the yoga links, I’ll have to check those out. I think CF covers most of my strengthening needs. :) But I do like your selection! I do enjoy some quinoa but I usually eat it with curry, chili or any other dish that typically is served with rice. Funniest thing (well, its funny now, but it still hurts): was on the floor petting my dog with my head over hers, she heard the neighbor dog bark and she popped her head up which hit my lower jaw shutting my mouth making me bite my tongue on both sides and then my tongue started bleeding. On both sides. This happened last night and my tongue is still swollen. :( Okay, maybe its not really funny, but if something like that can happen to someone, it will happen to me… Haha

  2. That is a gorgeous salad. Wow, pistol squats are so hard. I don’t have great balance for them. My favorite strength move is probably dead lift? I don’t know. I still don’t loooove strength training.