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soggy miles & black bean soup

Nothing like dark, drizzly skies to get ya going at 5 a.m. Right?

This is what the track looked like when I arrived:8-photo_5Great view, right?!

On the menu was 4 to 5 miles at a 6:55 pace. I only got one quick and sad minute rest in between. I compromised at 4.5 miles and my paces ranged from 6:45 to 6:52. In case anyone was wondering.

Although it was nice to finally reach daylight, each mile got soggier…7-photo_3and soggier.6-photo_2On my last mile I was running through some serious rain and my bike ride home was through a complete downpour. Cars splashing water all over me; rain pellets in the eye; shoes sloshing out water with each pedal. You know how it goes.5-photoIt was so, so cold and wet that I couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous I must have looked pedaling my slow pink bike through such conditions. Great workout!

Given the rainy forecast, I’m glad we made soup with plenty of leftovers:4-_DSC0023Yesterday, we got out the slow cooker and let this picante chicken black bean soup from Skinnytaste simmer alllll day long.3-_DSC0019It was really, really good! I’d definitely make it again.

Wondering what that strange creature beside my soup is? Another great wedding gift! We spotted these octopus-print napkins on Etsy and knew that they were a necessity for the Lambkin household.2-_DSC0017They’re the latest step in our effort to move away from paper products in the kitchen. That’s pretty big news, right?

Stay dry today!

  • Do you use paper or cloth napkins?
  • Recommendations for cute rain boots? I decided I need a pair.
  • What was your workout like today?

3 thoughts on “soggy miles & black bean soup

  1. Mary you are amazing! So fast and I can’t believe you got up this morning (giving you like 1,000 cool points!) I like this rain. But hopefully it will go away tomorrow! I love my Hunter boots! Not cheap, but they are cute!

  2. What a great run! I find 3 miles is a great distance to push the pace and then I start to struggle when it gets longer…so I know I have some work to do!
    Love the napkins, how very posh! We don’t use any…is that uncivilised? 😉