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foodie friday

I’ve been on a cooking spree this week! Hope you enjoy this Friday foodie post.

1. Rosti casserole with baked eggs.1-_DSC0030I didn’t know what Rosti meant until I looked it up specifically to share with you right now. It’s basically the Swiss word for hash browns.

These aren’t 100% hash browns though — they’re shredded turnips! I thought this egg, potato, hash brown, turnip, Greek-yogurt casserole recipe was so interesting we had to give it a try.3-_DSC0036I also added an onion, a green pepper, and more turnip (less potato) to this dish. 4-_DSC0038We thought it was pretty good — probably better fit for breakfast than dinner, though. Overall score: 7/10. Not bad!

Served with a simple Greek-ish salad.2-_DSC0035Another “breakfast” food that is really good anytime of day: muffins.

2. Pumpkin pie muffins.2-_DSC0044These gems have pumpkin puree AND apple butter in them. The recipe (from Chocolate Covered Katie) features whole wheat flour, a fair amount of oil, little sugar, and zero eggs. Pretty easy to make, too!

I eat/drink anything that is related to pumpkin from October-February.3-_DSC0048I think my mom taught me the powdered sugar trick. Sprinkle it on anything, and it takes it to the next level!4-_DSC0053And lastly, I’d like you to meet one of my favorite virtual yoga instructors. This morning I tried a new routine from YogaDownload featuring Elise of Half Moon Studios in Denver.

She’s one of the most energized, quirkiest yoga instructors I’ve watched in a while! What a hoot.1-_DSC0041Thanks, Elise. Happy Friday!

  • What type of yoga instructor do you like?
  • Favorite seasonal flavor? Pumpkin? Peppermint? Eggnog?
  • What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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8 thoughts on “foodie friday

  1. Hah! Thanks for the shout-out. And I’m fairly certain marathon running can fall into the category of endurance athlete described in the study aka crazy people with inexplicable pain tolerance. On that note, I think pain tolerance is mostly mental, built up as you do more races because I’m pretty aware of how much pain I’m in but also aware of the fact that I am able to keep moving. Happy Friday Mrs. L!

  2. Love that link of the pictures of people finishing a marathon. I’ve signed up for my first marathon in December and I’m so excited. I really cannot wait (I guess I might not feel this way during all my training haha).