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giant sandwich + soggy 20-miler

Hey there! How’s your weekend going?

Mine is rainy with a side of french fries.2-photo_2After happy hour-ing at Ireland’s Four Courts 10+ times, on Friday Anthony and I finally decided we should try actually eating there.  This massive chicken sandwich didn’t disappoint!

It was also a great pre-run fuel choice. I had 20 miles on the menu for Saturday. I met up with the DC Road Runners for the first soggy 15 miles of my journey.1-photoWe “protested” by running through parts of closed national parks! What a riot.

I actually did see this guy who really is protesting with his truck/wagon/billboard on wheels.7-photo_11I ended up running with some speedsters and covered many miles at an 8:00 – 8:15 pace. I thought I would crash at the end, but I guess the cool temps and good chats helped keep me going!4-photo_6Around mile 13 I decided to drop back since I still had quite a bit more ground to cover…5-photo_8And chugged along closer to an 8:20-8:30 pace for the last seven. 6-photo_9Phew!8-photo_14I was pretty beat after, but not as dead as I thought I would be. I even had enough energy to go out for a drink(s)!

We met up with Miriam (who also ran 15+ miles yesterday, ha!) to check out Thally, a new bar in Mt. Vernon.2-DSC03715I splurged on an awesome cocktail which featured bourbon, rosemary, elderflower, and homemade ginger ale. Thally makes a bunch of their own sodas — pretty cool right.1-DSC03714Family photo:3-DSC03716DC might not have seen the sun for four rainy days in a row, but at least I still have my tan from Mexico.

Have a restful Sunday!

  • Did you do a long run this weekend? How’d it go?
  • Have you ever protested?
  • Favorite soda?

10 thoughts on “giant sandwich + soggy 20-miler

  1. Wow that is a super fast long run! I would be beat too! I had an easy week this week. Longest run was 5 miles. I’m about to start my half marathon training which I’m stoked about! As for soda, I never touch it, it’s so not that great for you! I was learning in school the other day it can actually weaken your bones if you drink it too much!

    • oh my! yeah i don’t drink it very much but when it comes to cocktails anything goes :) good luck with your training!

  2. Nice times on your 20 miler! I am so clueless as to what times I should run for my long runs. I know I should go slow but at the moment I’m going through a right dilemma about what time I should run my marathon at…I’ve looked at the pacing calculator online and I just don’t know. I want to enjoy it rather than find it really tough, you know?

    • haha, i don’t know if i’ve ever “enjoyed” a marathon, but you can definitely make it less painful if you stick to a slower pace of course. race day magic always makes you faster than you think you are, though!

  3. Congrats on your 20 miler! So speedy. What model Garmin do you have? Mine has a hard time finding satellites whether I’m in DC, North Arlington, OR South Arlington so I hardly ever use it. It’s a few years old though so I’m trying to decide whether to buy a new one. You like yours?

    • I have a 210 and really like it. I’ve heard that if your satellites aren’t loading to try uploading all your data to connect.garmin.com. Just a thought! I also have a Nike+ Sportwatch which is pretty good considering its low price point.

  4. You have a pic of my apt building on this post! Hahah. Also – love the protest!! I’m impressed by your ability to run outside in the rain, I stuck to the treadmill even though I hate it. I feel like being soggy might make me grumpier than the treadmill.