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supermodel monday

Monday, Monday.

Let’s pretend it’s still Sunday! Anthony and I wrapped up the weekend with a steady seven-mile jog.2-photo_2I was a bit sore from Saturday but a slow pace, pretty sunset, and running partner made the miles easier. I wrote a while back about recovery runs and why they’re a useful training tool (when used in moderation!).

I don’t know why I decided to wear my Nike Frees yesterday. Even though they are incredibly cute, they make my feet hurt! Gotta get back in my Brooks for my next run :)1-photo_1Today has just been boring gym stuff so let’s move onto the food talk. Mo’ sandwiches.3-_DSC0051Anthony found this recipe for prosciutto sandwiches with all sorts of fancy fillings like pesto, mozzarella, and tomato. We made some (extremely GREEN!) pesto in our Vitamix and then brought out the panini press for more fun:1-_DSC0044In less than 20 minutes, we were done! Served with some garlicky sauteed kale. And wine of course.2-_DSC0048Back to it being Monday — I’m just going to brighten things up by featuring this Mexico photo of Anthony playing in the sand because it makes me smile every time I look at it. I have a supermodel husband.1-_DSC0266Have a good day at work or a good day not at work!

  • Do you have to work today or not?
  • Do you take the day after your long run off or not?
  • Have you ever made your own pesto?

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9 thoughts on “supermodel monday

  1. I tend to do spin after a long run. It’s tough but I find it really helps shake my legs out. I don’t tend to go crazy though like some people at spin, I just survive it haha.
    Woa that pesto is vibrant! Looks yummy though.

  2. That is some GREEN pesto! I <3 pesto and am mega jealous of your Vitamix! My boyfriend's family has one and I am addicted to the Vitamix awesomeness! Not working today (holiday + furlough), but I do have class tonight. Fun, fun!

  3. Dear Mary,
    Yes, well known fact about the chicken nuggets. Well at least to us here who have worked in the industry. I presume that nuggets are the products that keep the chicken companies afloat as the cost of whole chickens and parts such as chicken breasts are relatively cheaper now than a decade ago. Their profit has to come from somewhere!

    Yes very good source of BAD fat, so thats why we have never bought them

    Some thoughts from us

    Love from your favourite father-in-law