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my favorite bands to run with

Today I just didn’t feel like running.

To help get myself out the door I put on some of this…photo_1

And then designed the prettiest route I could think of. 1-photoBefore I knew it, I was back in love with the old jog.4-photo_6I also love Georgetown’s golden hour.3-photo_3Is the sky enchanting or scary looking today? I can’t tell.6-photo_9And one more photo because it’s just THAT lovely outside today.5-photo_7But really, back to Rihanna. She is definitely one of my top running jams, but I have others! In case you’re looking for some new tunes, here are some of my favorites (with links to some of their best songs!):

There are more too. I’ll have to do round II another time!

Go eat something pumpkin and have a great day :)1-_DSC0015

  • What are your favorite running songs/bands?
  • Best pumpkin-flavored thing you’ve eaten lately?
  • How do you motivate yourself out the door?

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17 thoughts on “my favorite bands to run with

      • funny, i was just thinking about this morning as i seriously rolled my ankle on a rock i couldn’t see because it was dark. yes, sometimes i worry about crazy people/falling on my face but try to stick to well-lit, busier roads if i’m out before 6:30 or so. if i’m out reaaalllly early (like before 5 a.m.), i might start out on the treadmill. i also try and meet up with running buddies during longer runs. AND i usually have my phone on me.
        i actually would rather run at dark 5 a.m. than at dark 8 p.m. — fewer cars. i feel like when traffic is thick at night i almost always get hit by a car that doesn’t see me.
        stay safe!

  1. Enrique Iglesias! Pit Bull! J.Lo!! I’m sensing a theme. In the mornings, I like to listen to Matt Redman, Phil Wickham, All Sons & Daughters. Pippa motivates me to get out the door!

    • Oh, I am also a fan of Phil Wickham! Must include him for Round II. Good idea with J.Lo… I’ll have to give her a try!

  2. I need to hit up the TJs in Clarendon for some pumpkin awesomeness. I’ve heard murmurings about a pumpkin body butter that sounds awesome. But at the same time, does one want to walk around smelling like pumpkin all day? Maybe I should just get the ice cream like you! :)