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pizza topped with a half marathon

Sticking with yesterday’s musical theme, let me tell you about a new favorite! Patrizio Buanne.3-DSC03721Anthony grew up listening to Patrizio, so when I saw he was playing at The Hamilton I knew we had to go. I was able to keep the tickets a secret from Anthony for months!

So proud of myself that we had to kick off with celebratory drinks at Woodward Table.1-DSC03719See, married couples can have fun 😉2-DSC03720Then it was SHOW TIME!5-DSC03727We settled in for an entertaining night of Italian/American classics. I’m not just talking music, people. I’m talking pizza.4-DSC03726Thanks, Patrizio!

Then it was time to wake up and run a half marathon.1-photoThe first eight (yes, EIGHT!) miles were all in the dark. Blah.6-photo_6At least the monument was lit up nicely…5-photo_4And luckily I had good friends to keep me company for most of the miles!

I met up with Miriam and Leah (formerly “ladies’ group,” now known as “tahitian PA”). Two things about this photo: 1) Leah is missing so Miriam put her arm into space to represent her spirit; 2) I put it in black and white to make us look beautiful and artistic. And maybe not quite as sweaty.4-photo_3I sort of started dragging at the end but tried to finish strong!2-photo_1I wish the sun would go back down now and we could all crawl back in bed. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  • What was the last concert you saw?
  • Do you speak any other languages?
  • Last half marathon you ran (a formal race or otherwise?)

3 thoughts on “pizza topped with a half marathon

  1. Good job on the half marathon – and so much in the dark as well! I quite like running in the morning’s when it’s dark as you get that kind of weird serenity where it’s like you’re the only person awake in the world. But that can be a bit lonely as well! Pizza is always a good food the night before a long run :)

  2. Thanks for the photo shout out and sorry I didn’t stick around for the actual photo! Great run this morning.