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sprints to shoes to fish

Good morning internet friends. The government is back and I am running track.1-photoIt’s always an adjustment to get motivated during dark mornings, but I’m blessed to live in an area where there are lots of crazies up and running in the wee hours, too. Seeing other people busting it on the track makes me want to run fast with them (or just beat them).3-photo_3The game plan for today was 3 miles at a 6:55-7:00 pace, one mile recovery, and then two more at a 6:55-7:00 pace. These longer, aerobic-like endurance track workouts (sometimes called “cruise intervals” or a form of tempo workouts) are interesting because they build a certain kind of endurance different than shorter track sprints. Also, the type of recovery between intervals (jogging vs. standing, and length of time) has a significant impact on the workout.

If you maintain a slow jog between intervals, like I did today, you’re teaching your body to burn fat when it’s fatigued — a critical skill to have come marathon day! If you take short, standing breaks between reps, you’re maintaining a high level of effort while giving your legs a short break.

Read more about “cruise interval” track workouts here, here, and here.

What’s even more amazing is that my shoes survived a round in the washing machine post-Mexico and have recovered from their sandy adventures!2-photo_2How do we go from running shoes to Thai fish salad? Take a deep breath…

And then look at this!1-_DSC0004Anthony and I were feeling bold and went for this Thai red curry mahi mahi salad recipe courtesy of Food Network.

The fish was excellent — very crisp, with a bit of spice! The salad is basically a deconstructed veggie spring roll, with homemade lime/chili dressing. We added rice for a bit more umph.2-_DSC0005Sprints to shoes to fish. Done.

Have a great day!

  • What’s your favorite Asian recipe? Send me links!
  • Have you ever done “cruise interval” workouts?
  • What did you have for breakfast?

2 thoughts on “sprints to shoes to fish

  1. your shoes are glowing! I don’t know how you managed to find a track that has that many other people running on it at six in the morning.