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(over)sleeping, running, eating

Hey there! How’s your weekend going?

Mine started way off schedule. I did that thing where you set your alarm for AM vs. PM — brilliant! I overslept and missed a running date as well as a brunch date. I hated myself.

In addition to being a bad friend, my oversleeping accident meant I also had to run 18 miles solo. Luckily it was gorgeous outside.4-photo_4I know I just told you about my favorite running music, but yesterday I was feeling very zen. I just ran in silence.2-photo_1I also tried to release my angry emotions during the jog. Someone left a beer bottle in my bike basket AGAIN! I don’t know what the deal is here.1-photoAnyways, back to the run. I spent most of my miles between Rock Creek Park and Beech Drive.

Isn’t fall the best? I guess setting out for a later run was nice because I got so much sunlight.3-photo_3I really didn’t even get that bored during the 2.5 hours! It was over before I knew it.5-photo_6In other news, Anthony is home! He’d been in California for most of the week so it was good to have my roommate back.

We celebrated with some mojitos…1-_DSC0005And our favorite pad Thai!4-_DSC0016It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday night in.2-_DSC0007We are still loving our fancy peanuts!3-_DSC0012And loving the weekend. Have a good rest of your day!

  • What’s your favorite nut?
  • Did you do a long run this weekend?
  • How do you get through long solo runs?

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