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It’s Monday!1-photoHope yours is off to a good start.

I was out for a short and quiet run this morning. Actually, not that quiet. I was listening to Lorde’s new(ish) album! Amazing.2-photo_1I know my blog is always full of breaking, need-t0-know news, and today is no different. The big announcement: I’ve decided to run the Marine Corps Marathon! It’s in six days. NBD.


For the past few months I’d been training to run the Richmond marathon (which is in mid-November), but I had some schedule changes last week and realized that Richmond wouldn’t be possible. I asked my coach what to do, and he said to go for MCM. Even though I told him I wasn’t so sure that was a good idea (I’ve only run one 20-miler, mind you), he told me that I’ve got this. So, okay. Let’s see what happens!

In other racing news, my sister crushed her half marathon yesterday! And her kids are the cutest kids in the world.3-20131020_100810Hope you have a (good)news-worthy day!

  • What’s the longest/shortest long run you’ve done before running a marathon?
  • Do you stick to a strict schedule?
  • Do you have kids?

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11 thoughts on “race news

  1. Oh god, I’m only able to run one 20 miler as well…I just don’t have anymore time!!! I’m planning on an 18 miler as well but I just don’t have time for more. The recoveries in themselves will take time…
    I’m sure you’ll smash the marathon – how cool to just switch it around last minute. And it sounds like a good one to do – I’m from the UK and I’ve heard of that one hehe 😉

  2. Woo way to go! How did you manage to get in, it’s been sold out forever?!?! I was out running this morning and was like hm how fun would it be if I ran into Mary! I think we may run on different parts of the trails based off of following your training. Nonetheless it was a fun game to play while out there!

    I’ll be at an aid station towards the end of the marathon so I will be cheering you on for sure!

  3. That’s amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I can’t wait to hear about it! So huge! I’ve decided to go for a full next year. How inspiring. Well done and good luck!