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feel the pace & eat the lasagna

I know I have taken this photo 50 times, but bear with me for 51:1-DSC03736A crisp fall day for a run with my husband!3-DSC03739We are really looking good this morning. I promise that I have hair, it’s just tied in a tight bun (per your suggestions!)2-DSC03737And those are all of the photos from this morning! We only stopped for a couple because I was focusing on running a solid 45 minutes at marathon pace. My mileage is low this week, but my focus is high. My coach has me really concentrating on “feeling” my pace and teaching my body to stick to it.

I am also making sure to eat my carbs :). (Though see the article linked at the bottom of this post re: gluten!)2-_DSC0004Alanna visited from Baltimore on Sunday night which was reason to celebrate! (Again, where did my hair go?)1-_DSC0009We followed a recipe similar to this one (plus beef), but didn’t really follow a recipe at all — I’ve mentioned this before but Anthony is half Italian so pasta recipes are naturally built into his brain.

Yes… those are more mojitos. I’m ALSO making sure to stay hydrated this week…1-_DSC0005Which is why I’m about to go pour myself coffee cup #2. Enjoy this fall day!

  • Lasagna: squiggly-edged noodles or sheet noodles?
  • Are you gluten free? If so, how does it feel?!
  • How do you stay mentally focused during a race?

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7 thoughts on “feel the pace & eat the lasagna

  1. You guys look great! Hair is over rated. I hope you unnecessarily refer to Anthony as husband and not his name for a while. I imagine saying “my husband” won’t get old any time soon!

    I am also Italian (50% but I look 100%, you know this) but…. I do not like pasta…. who am I. I know it’s horrible. I can make it like a champ but in all honesty my body much prefers vegetables to pasta. When I eat pasta my stomach reacts in a way that I look 6 months pregnant. ITS NOT A GOOD LOOK FOR ME.

  2. Love the concept of “feeling your pace.” I’ve never really thought it in that sense, but I may have to implement it! Your run looks beautiful..looking good! And that lasagna looks amazing…feel free to send some my way anytime!!

  3. I looooove lasagna! I was never crazy about it until I started making veggie lasagna, and now my opinion has changed completely. I prefer squiggly noodles.

    Best thing about lasagna – it freezes so well that it tastes like the first time, every time.

  4. I have several photo id’s where I look bald because I wore my hair in a bun – and a truly terrible one where I had it in a french twist (so I thought) and I ended up looking like Bam Bam from the flintstones. I have celiac disease and have to eat gluten free. It is so much easier these days with the plethora of gluten free options available both in restaurants and grocery stores – still not easy, and most days I feel like I am playing russian roulette with my gut if I eat out somewhere new, but you get used to it and I’ve just learned to adapt and bring bars.