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chicken posole & SEO

Hola! Anthony and I are pretending that we are still in Mexico. The best way to do this is by eating lots of tortilla chips.3-_DSC0017I made a chicken posole recipe a while back; this time, we tried a different recipe and I think it tasted even better!

We threw in some red pepper and went for the radish topping for a veggie/color boost. My mom has this thing about “adding color” to recipes and I guess I’m growing up to be just like her :)2-_DSC0014Plus a side of mini pumpkins! :)1-_DSC0013This soup was a winner. We love Food Network’s recipe library.

Since I am tapering this week, I have lots of spare time to do things like read more blogs, sleep, and go to SEO presentations.1-photo_1On Monday evening I attended a seminar given by McLean Robbins and organized by Fortique. Just a few notes for those of you looking to engage your readers (and please the search robots!)

  • Sharing is important! If you make your content helpful, inspiring, fun, and/or community-like, your audience will be more likely to share (which will boost your search engine rank.)
  • Use to-the-point, informative headlines; tag your photos clearly; and keep your content under 800 words as a general rule.
  • Use Google AdWords (now Google Keywords, and generally less helpful) to see what people are searching for; also, this is why you might have noticed more “unknown search term” messages lately.
  • In the end, quality and originality are king. Original quality that engages readers will be shared and clicked — naturally boosting your search rank.

It was quite an informative event that also featured SNACKS, my favorite.1-photoThat’s all I’ve got for you today. Have a great one!

  • If you could go on vacation RIGHT NOW, where would you go?
  • Favorite snack?
  • Bloggers/website people: How do you “optimize” your content?

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9 thoughts on “chicken posole & SEO

  1. I love food network’s recipe library too! That is where I get most of my recipes :) And I really like how Active Life DC characterized your blog – your photos do make me hungry!

    I have a question, also. I’m looking for a quality, but relatively inexpensive running shoe. I’ve really just started running religiously in the last three months and need to stop running in my old volleyball shoes (which I know is bad!) but there are so many choices. Any recommendations on shoes or websites that recommend shoes?

  2. If I could go on vacation right now I’d probably go somewhere warm, but not extremely hot. I’m not a huge beach person, but I love sitting in the sun w/a cold beer.

    My favorite snack? That’s way to hard to narrow down. It changes constantly. Right now I”m pretty hooked on granola. I have a bag of oats and dark chocolate and a bag of pumpkin spice going right now.

  3. That soup look yummmmo! Vacation would be a mountain hiking trip… with my knee stronger I am getting the itchy to go do something outdoorsy.

    Snack = apple / nuts / bell pepper (this week that is)

    Optimize… cross my fingers and wing it.

    • it’s good and bad. good because it helps prevent people from “gaming the system” with SEO dummy text, but bad because it also prevents bloggers from producing content relevant to readers… ya know. oh well! i’m just gonna write about whatever i want to YOLO.

  4. Wow! That looks delicious! I am going to have to try this. Definitely not the way we make it in New Mexico, though…we tend to keep it simple. I do you hope you are using real New Mexico Chile? You will be amazed at the difference in quality and flavor. I have found a good online source; here is a link to their version of posole: http://www.chimayochilebrothers.com/traditional-posole
    Thanks for the recipe and please keep ’em coming!