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sunrise + spicy chicken salad

Sun’s up!2-photo_3-001My run was going really well this morning…1-photo-001Until the worst thing happened.

I ran by this donut truck and had $0.00 to spend. What a tease.3-photo_6-001Mama’s Donut Bites, I’m coming back for you next time!

Instead of donuts I’ve been eating salads this week. Here’s the latest:mexican_chicken_salad_1Ever since I ate an amazing blackened chicken/Mexican salad while we were in Lancaster, I’ve wanted to re-create it!

This one was close but I think I’d need a grill to really blacken the chicken. Spicy pan-fried chicken works too, though!mexican_chicken_salad_2Ingredients: lettuce (I used romaine), chicken, tomatoes, onion, red & green peppers, black beans, avocado, pine nuts, and  cheese (I used this chili-spiced red Leicester cheese from Trader Joe’s and it was awesome!)

The idea here is basically a taco minus the shell. So, I fried up the chicken with a ton of fajita seasoning; in another pan, I fried up the beans, onion, and peppers  with a ton of fajita seasoning too. Throw it atop some lettuce (hot or cold) with the rest of the ingredients and you’re done!mexican_chicken_saladWell, almost done. I tossed on some honey-lime dressing (aka, olive oil, lotsa lime, and some honey) to tie it all together.

Going to back to the donut truck now. Have a great day!

  • Have you ever eaten at a food truck?
  • Do you have a grill? If so, how often do you use it?
  • Tell me about your run today!

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9 thoughts on “sunrise + spicy chicken salad

  1. Yes! I have been to a few food trucks and they’re always really good. Tomorrow is the last Truckeroo so I’m going to have to find a really good one to eat lunch at and end it with a bang!

    You’re salad looks awesome! I love taco salad…..I would totally throw salsa on there as my dressing.

    My run today was alright. I only did 3.5 miles, but I was doing 400s for the first time in months so I didn’t want to push to far. 1 mile w/u, 4×400 (400 recovery lap in between), and a .75 mile cool down.

  2. Salads are just such easy meals it’s great. You can pretty much just throw anything in them. Yours sounds lovely.
    I tend to avoid food trucks as in Britain they’re mostly really greasey burger and fries. But donuts…well that’s a different story!! Can’t say I’d fancy one mid run though hehe. Maybe at the end 😉

  3. We have a food truck called Big Truck Tacos. I believe they were once featured on one of the FoodTV shows when they first got started. We love them (they have a physical location too) but one of the best that has come along in Okc is The Loaded Bowl. It’s a vegetarian/vegan truck. It’s pricey, but the food is incredible. Mac & Cheese made with cashew “cheese!” It’s crack!

    We use our grill about 4 days a week. I’m vegan and my wife is vegetarian. Some days we just come home and cut up whatever is in the fridge, spice it up, and toss it on the grill. One of the best purchases has been a grill pan from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Our latest indulgence is okra. We toss is in the grill pan with sea salt, fresh cracked pepper, and a little cumin. We can make a meal off of grilled okra.

    My run won’t happen until this evening: a short 4 mile taper run and free beer at @Red_Coyote provided by @CoopAleWorks

  4. That salad looks completely amazing! Yes we have a grill and use it 99% of the time. My run today is 5 easy miles!

  5. I saw a lot of food trucks in DC when I ran at the Nat’l Mall on a trip I made there this year and would have been tempted by a donut truck. My favorite food truck find in Houston, close to my home, has been cupcakes on a stick.