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meet my apple-pumpkin soup & my hero

Morning! Isn’t it beautiful out there?Mt.vernon_trail_arlington_dc_2
Don’t worry, I didn’t go for a run. Anthony did, though! He is my running photographer fill-in for the next few days as my legs recover from the marathon.Mt.vernon_trail_arlington_dcThe other day he also took a photo that I’ve wanted for a long time: me + Whole Foods cheese sample lady. On Friday night we were grocery shopping like cool people do, and stopped by for a long chat with her. She has been cheese sampling since 1996. My hero.whole_foods_clarendonWhat were we doing at Whole Foods on a Friday night (other than eating free cheese?)??? Buying an entire pumpkin!

Which we then cut up, roasted, and puréed into pumpkin soup :)pumpkin_soupAgain, Food Network recipe for the win. Since we recently bought an immersion blender, this recipe was super easy!

Topped with a bit of bacon, parsley, and cayenne pepper…pumpkin_soup_1And served with some warm toasty bread.pumpkin_soup_2I love fall. Have a seasonally delightful day!

  • What’s your favorite fall food?
  • The best kitchen gadget you’ve ever bought?
  • If you could work in one department of the grocery store, which would it be? (I would DEFINITELY work in the bakery)

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