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All this post-marathon non-running is starting to get dull — but it’s necessary to avoid injury, the “marathon sniffles,” and the post-race blues that so often plague us crazy marathoners after the race (relevant links in case you’re curious).

So to stay busy, I’ve been in a cooking craze!

ENCHILADA TIME:4-_enchiladasThis not-as-bad-for-you recipe came off one of my favorite food blogs of late: SkinnyTaste.

I loved this recipe because it was easy. Just cook up some chicken and stuff, then roll it.1-_enchiladasMy favorite step: cover all the ‘chiladas in chile/tomato sauce and cheese.2-_enchiladasJust kidding. My favorite step was EATING it.5-_enchiladasAnthony and I gave this recipe a 10! And no, those aren’t more mojitos I promise. Just sparkling water + lime… a nice way to avoid booze but still drink something fancy.3-_enchiladasAnd now I guess I can talk about something other than Mexican food…

Yesterday was great because I got to wear workout clothes to the office for a work event. I was feeling so sporty that I asked Daniela (who works down the street) on a lunchtime walking date! 1-photo_1It felt great to get outside and move around a bit. In front of the White House like true tourists.

And let’s just end with these awesome Metro singers. For a small fee, they put a big smile on my face.

Hope you’re smiling too!

  • Most random street/subway performer you’ve ever seen?
  • Do you go for walks?
  • What’s your favorite food blog?

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10 thoughts on “enchilada time

  1. Skinny Taste has such great recipes. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed with a single one. Your meal came out looking delicious! Love how you were still able to make your drinks fancy fancy w/o alcohol being involved.

  2. Those avocados look AMAZING. And the rest of the food of course. Your meals always look so fancy – I need to learn to cook better.
    And I love going on walks! My friend and I like to do evening walks at least once a week!