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First, happy Halloween! Second, look at this!custis_trail_arlington_4Finally, a run. It was short but very, very sweet (and still a little sore).custis_trail_arlington_2This is the part of the post where I either 1) delve into some nerdy running facts or 2) display images of enchiladas, pizza, froyo, etc.

But today, I feel like taking a short intermission to link around. When I’m not running, eating, or writing, you can find me reading. So here are some of my favorite blogs.

  1. Hungry Runner Girl (hilarious/grammatically incorrect lifestyle/running blog from a very fast runner)
  2. Poise in Parma (lifestyle blog from my mom’s Ohio hometown)
  3. Kath Eats (wonderful, simple food blog)
  4. Sweat Once a Day (ultrarunning/beer blog from a former DC-er)
  5. Camels & Chocolate (amazing life of a travel writer/blogger)

Go check them out! And if you’re still here, scroll down for the usual batch of delicious food photos.

Ever since we moved to Arlington, everyone has told us to try out the Green Pig Bistro — so, we decided it’d be a great post-race dinner on Sunday! We ordered one main dish and a handful of small plates to make sure we got a taste of everything.

Bibb salad — aka plate of homemade buttermilk dressing with a side of lettuce — was very good despite it’s un-saladness.green_pig_bistro_arlingtonPork tacos, which were interestingly sweet and not so spicy… until you accidentally ate a jalepeno slice! Yowzahs.green_pig_bistro_arlington_1Our main: a pork chop! Why not? green_pig_bistro_arlington_3Everyone had also told us to order the famous mac ‘n’ cheese. Best advice I ever took.green_pig_bistro_arlington_2We loved Green Pig and will definitely be back. Next time we are going to order a main of mac ‘n’ cheese and a handful of small-plate mac ‘n’ cheeses. With mac ‘n’ cheese on the side.

See you tomorrow!

  • Are you a entrée person or an appetizer/side dish sort of person?
  • What’s one of your favorite blogs?
  • What are your Halloween plans?!

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11 thoughts on “my favorite blogs + mac ‘n’ cheese to the max

  1. Hungry Runner Girl is one of my favorites too – I think that’s most likely how I came across yours! I know she gets a ton of comments usually by other running blogs, so sometimes I just look in her comments for new blogs to check out.

  2. The hungry runner girl, hands down is my favorite blogger! She should win a award! I have a question for you, Mary! I’ve just signed up for my first half marathon and I was wondering if you take fuel for half marathons? I’ve looked at a lot of stuff and some people say they don’t eat anything during half marathon training and other people say they do. I’m trying to figure out what is best for me. The half marathon doesn’t offer any gels or chomps during the race so I’m contemplating bringing my own. What do you think? Do you use fuel on half marathons? What kind? Is candy ok to use?

    • i would recommend taking Gu at 45 minutes — if you are predicting a finish time around 2 hours, i would recommend taking Gu at 45 min and 1:30. Gu/gels are definitely preferred I’d say, but fat-free candy is better than nothing and probably better than solid food depending on what your stomach is like. I think among the candy runners, swedish fish is a favorite :)

  3. Thanks, lady! I dig you too! I wish we had been able to hang out more when I lived on your side of the country! And CONGRATS on your PR, speedster! A sub-8 paced marathon is right around the corner for you!

    (I think I just set a PR for consecutive sentences punctuated with an exclamation mark (!))