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TRX @ Reformation Fitness + more mac

Happy Friday!

My day started in the wee hours of the morning when I headed to Reformation Fitness in Mt. Vernon Square to check out this new studio on behalf of Active Life DC.reformation_fitness_DC_9Have you ever tried TRX? I’ve never done it in my life… which my shoulders, abs, and triceps reminded me of multiple times this morning.reformation_fitness_DC_6Reformation opened in January. It’s a pretty small, specialized studio — meaning you get individualized attention. I was one of three trainees this morning. Spotlight!

Ivan, the instructor, was awesome. Very professional and timely, but also fun. I hate when instructors are too lax, but I also hate when they’re too hardcore, you know? He had a great blend of fun and seriousness.reformation_fitness_DC_73So. TRX. Very cool workout. Low impact, scalable movements that are fun because, well,  you’re hanging from a rope.

We did a number of circuits that mixed bodyweight movements (like pushups), agility drills (like crossover jumps), cardio (jumping jacks), and targeted TRX sessions. Most movements lasted only 30 seconds, which kept things entertaining!reformation_fitness_DC_5This whiteboard reminds me of my heavy-lifting CrossFit days! The low-impact workout didn’t, though. It reminded me more of my favorite Nike Training Club app workouts :).reformation_fitness_DC_0My favorite part of the class was definitely the last five minutes, when we got to slam these SteelBell sand weight things on the ground over and over again. I guess I had some energy to release?!reformation_fitness_DC_4I enjoyed the Reformation workout today and would recommend it to those looking for quick (45 minute), small-group, low-impact workouts. On a scale of fun, I’d give it a 9 out of 10; sweatiness/difficulty a 6 or 7 out of 10. The class’s overall vibe: a 10 out of 10! I thought the instructor was great and the other classmates very welcoming — especially considering it was 6:15 a.m. :)

A full review to come soon on Active Life DC. Thanks for hosting me, Reformation!

Another 10 out of 10 goes to Hill Country, which hosted the DC Road Runners last night for a happy hour.hill_country_dc_3Many of the club members ran Marine Corps this past weekend and were eager to celebrate. dc_road_runners_44And also eager to wear celebratory pants! 😉dc_road_runners_0It’s always fun to see running buddies wearing real-person clothes without sweat or ponytails. Sometimes we have trouble recognizing each other!dc_road_runners_9After my post dedicated to mac ‘n’ cheese the other day, I thought I’d let you know I had some more. In pie form.hill_country_dc_8Hill Country also provided a never-ending supply of barbecue sliders. They just kept magically appearing — it was nuts!hill_country_dc_6My date, who somehow doesn’t mind hours of marathon talk and running gossip.dc_road_runners_4That was fun.

My arms hurt.

Happy Friday!

  • Have you ever tried TRX?
  • Locals: Where’s a good barbecue place in DC/Arlington?
  • What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

11 thoughts on “TRX @ Reformation Fitness + more mac

  1. I’m most looking forward to my first group run tomorrow. I was pregnant when I moved here and now that the little one has arrived, I am ready to BQ again!!!!

  2. They have TRX at my gym and I’m always very curious about it. It’s pretty exposed though and people look ridiculous doing it pretty much in the middle of the basketball court/track. But maybe I should be one of those people.