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breezy fall run & a cheap chicken date

Hi there! Hope your weekend is as beautiful as this.4-photo_5I went on a breezy run yesterday and basked in all the fall-ness. No Garmin, no music, no goals. It’s nice to take a break after marathon training!teddy_roosevelt_island_fall_1Other fall fun: a celebration of Dia de los Muertos at the Arlington Arts Center.arlington_arts_dia_de_los_muertos_1The local event was totally free and featured Mexican dancers, a mariachi band, celebratory foods, and lots of Mexican artwork! It was almost like we were back on our honeymoon… 😉arlington_arts_dia_de_los_muertos_9After the event, we figured we might as well stay south of the border and try out Pollo Rico, a hole-in-the-wall spot that gets crazy good Yelp reviews.el_pollo_rico_arlington_3We lined up with dozens of other spicy-loving customers and ended up with a simply delicious (and cheap!) Friday night out :). el_pollo_rico_arlington_4The styrofoam-plated chicken-and-fries fiesta was definitely was the highlight of the weekend, but heading to Ragtime to pick out our wedding photos last night (over a pint or two) was also a lot of fun. Now that I have hundreds of high-quality photos, I’m planning a series of wedding posts! Get excited!1-P1010561Anthony actually left for Vietnam this morning, so I made sure we got ONE LAST photo together last night too.2-P1010567And I just might have also made sure that I bought tickets to Vietnam, too. I’ll keep you posted! :)

  • What was the highlight of your weekend?
  • What does fall look like in your city?
  • If you’re married — do you have a wedding album? How often do you look at it?

9 thoughts on “breezy fall run & a cheap chicken date

  1. I just found your blog and I love it! I love meals like that, just some chicken and some fries and it reminds me of being younger or something… just simple and perfect! Looks delicious!

    Highlight of my weekend will probably be my Sunday run this afternoon… its been a busy week and I am looking forward to some leisurely miles!
    Fall here in MA looks a lot like your pictures… cool looking skies, colored leaves, only difference is there are a lot more leaves on the ground right now.. they’ve mostly fallen off the trees at this point!
    I don’t look at my wedding album as much as I should for how much I paid for it? Hah! But I do have it out on display and almost anytime we have guests they look through it so it is at least getting its use in for sure. :)

    • thank you!
      yeah, we just got a DVD of images and are debating how many we want to print. an album could be nice!

  2. Jealous if you get to go to Vietnam! Headed to SE Asia in two weeks for some backpacking. CAN’T WAIT. I am loving this fall weather right now! DC is pretty! :)

  3. Ohhhh I LOVE Pollo Rico. When I worked in Arlington I used to go there quite a bit for a delicious (and cheap!) lunch. They recently added one to Woodbridge, VA……but I didn’t think it was as good as the original!

    • oh yeah! we thought it was delicious. i wish they had beans as a side though. then again, double sides of fries is never a bad option either..