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cinnamon-pumpkin cake + marathon recovery month

I usually start off my posts by telling you how many miles I ran, but today I’d rather show you a big ole’ slice of cake. It’s Monday, after all.cinnamon_pumpkin_cakeWhen I spotted The Novice Chef’s Pumpkin Dream Cake recipe, I knew that I had to turn that Dream into a reality.

This cake looks unassuming from the outside…cinnamon_pumpkin_cakeBut once you slice into it, you’re transported to Pumpkin Heaven, where everything tastes like cinnamony, pumpkiny, sweet-and-spicy fall.cinnamon_pumpkin_cakeAlthough the Dream Cake is wonderful, it is also extremely dangerous. I knew that if I kept it all to myself I would eat all three layers in less than 15 minutes and turn into a giant pumpkin myself.

So I put some in my bike basket…1-photo_1and shared it! At a lovely girls’ dinner last night.6-DSC03808I thought I was pretty cool for making a from-scratch cake, but Leah totally wins for best chef. She made a whole chicken. 5-DSC03807What an awesome way to end the weekend.

And a good start to this week, too! Here are the miles I was telling you about.Custis_trail_fall_arlington_photo_5So happy to see the sun again! Thank you daylight savings.2-photo_3I took it extremely easy last week after my marathon, and this week I am ramping up only slightly. For the next three weeks or so, I’m not doing many runs over ten miles — which is what my coach, this article, and this article tell me to do. Also interesting is this article, which calculates number of recovery days based off number of miles raced. Hmm.Custis_trail_fall_arlington_4-photo_6Anyways, after being injured a couple times from going out too hard after a marathon, I’m going to soak up these low mileage weeks and make sure I’m nice and ready before I run my legs off again. Piece of (pumpkin) cake!

  • Do you make cakes from scratch or cakes from a box?
  • Last time you rode a bike?
  • Have you ever cooked a whole chicken?!

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