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social runner or solo runner? soup, anyone?

To be honest with you, internet friends, I was not jazzed to bike downhill in the dark, cold morning today.key_bridge_dark_9But my DC destination was so worth it. I arrived at the Tahiti PA meetup point for a run with Leah and Miriam (BIRTHDAY GIRL)!leah_miriam_981We covered about five miles which flew by because we gabbed the entire time.dc_capitol_cloudyOne topic of conversation was the personality type of runners. On one hand, we know a lot of social butterfly-type runners, who basically use running as a way to hang out with friends. On the other hand, though, there are definitely a lot of runners who prefer to jog alone and steer clear of the group running thing and use running as their “me time.”

I guess I fall somewhere in between. I wouldn’t want to run with people every day, but I definitely prefer to have running buddies for long runs and maybe a jog or two during the week.4-DSC03817Whether it be solo or social, I still think running is always a good thing. :)


Speaking of good things, If you have read my blog more than one time you might have caught on that Anthony and I love Mexican food.

We had this amazing, smoky-tomato-y chicken tortilla soup while we were in Mexico over our honeymoon. I was determined to recreate it! Thanks to Rachel Ray, I was able to get pretty dang close (RECIPE).chicken_tortilla_soupThe key ingredient in this soup is a can of chiles in adobo, which I was able to find at Whole Foods.

The other key ingredients are chips and beer.chicken_tortilla_soupIt was fiery, but good! I never actually do seem to make the same recipe twice, but if I ever decide to, this is definitely going to happen again.chicken_tortilla_soupHave a great day!

  • Do you make the same recipes repeatedly, or always try new ones?
  • Are you a social runner or a solo runner?
  • Do you usually commute (drive, bike) to get to your run route, or just start running from your doorstep?

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7 thoughts on “social runner or solo runner? soup, anyone?

  1. I make a lot of the same recipes but I also try new ones. If I like it well enough and it wasn’t too hard i will definitely make it again. That soup looks amazing. I love Mexican food, too but it has to be good. Shrimp tacos are amazing! I think that I am like you, more of an in between runner. I run with my sister like all the time and occasionally with a friend. It’s nice to have someone to talk to to make the miles fly by! I usually just run by my house but for long runs sometimes I drive for a nice new scenic route.

  2. I’m a half solo/half social too. I usually run alone on weekday mornings, but run long on the weekend with a group. Social runs are usually more fun, but I also like alone time

  3. Hmm I’m kind of in the middle also. Some days I like some alone time with my music, but other days I love having friends to run with and chat with. I wouldn’t say I use it as a time to socialize – that’s not my primary goal with running, but it sure does help to have running friends so you can spend time together and work out all at the same time!