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The sun was up today:photo_5But I was heading inside to check out our NEW gym! golds_gym_arlington_77The big news is that Anthony decided to quit CrossFit (which he promises to write a guest post about :) ). With all the extra cash we’re saving, we could easily afford a couples’ membership at the Gold’s Gym right down the road. Gym memberships are unbelievably cheaper in Arlington than they are in DC.

Gold’s has all the usual equipment:golds_gym_arlington_8Plus a “functional room” where Anthony can do all that CrossFit stuff for 95% off.golds_gym_arlington_9And my FAVORITE thing: I can go to group classes again!golds_gym_arlington__7So this morning I headed in for my first “Body Combat” class. I had no idea what Body Combat meant but it sounds fun, right?photo_1Turns out that Body Combat is basically circuit-style boot camp. Our instructor had us do a 5-minute warmup, followed by three 10-15 minute circuits.

After the first circuit, I was feeling a bit meh about the class which I didn’t find so challenging; but by the third circuit I had worked up quite a sweat! Each round featured classic moves like pushups, situps, squats, jumping jacks, push presses, etc. We used a few light weights, but mostly relied on our bodyweight.photo_2I would give this class a 6 out of 10 because I found the circuits a bit long and uncreative; but I’d give the music a 10 out of 10! The instructor had some awesome jams including a Macklemore/Lorde mashup.

The class stopped after 45 minutes, leaving me 15 minutes to kill with a leisurely treadmill walk/magazine reading session.

Which leads me to a big question: What mascara do you use? I’ve used Great Lash for years. I don’t love it, but I can never seem to find anything that’s especially lash-tastic either.photo_3That’s all I’ve got. HAPPY NATIONAL NACHOS DAY!

  • Mascara recommendations?
  • What’s your favorite group class?
  • How much does a gym membership cost in your area?

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25 thoughts on “we joined a gym

  1. How exciting to be part of a gym again! I just joined one a few weeks ago as well, after leaving my Houston gym in the spring. I’m slowly checking out their classes and excited to do more post marathon!

    • yep, i definitely waited until after my marathon to join! now that i don’t have to run 100000 miles a week i have time to mix it up. :) good luck in philly!

  2. Mascara! My absolute favorite. I used L’Oreal Voluminous for years. I still like it but my newest obsession is Maybelline Rocket Volume Express. TRY IT! The brush is a little funny but it goes on great and I’m officially a convert.

  3. okay, amanda. game on! going to go buy rocket volume and will have to do a followup post :) thanks for the tip!

  4. I use Maybelline Colossal Volume. It’s in a yellow tube. A lot of people swear by it. It’s usually only $5 too.

    Gym memberships really vary! I work at a World Gym and it’s only $10 a month!! That’s ridiculously cheap. It’s an “express” gym though so that’s why. Very few classes (zumba every day, boot camp 2x a week). I also have a gym at my work that is $44 a month, but doesn’t include the classes, which I think is stupid. They are only $4 a piece, but it’s a matter of principle! haha. I’m so cheap.

  5. Hi Mary! I read your blog every day and never comment, even though I also live in DC and love your local happenings… apparently I feel even more strongly about mascara than running and recipes because I wanted to chime in on this question! I have used the basic, blue tube, CoverGirl “Professional” mascara since I was a teenager and have never even looked for something else. It’s not super heavy, which is great, but it’s easy to layer on when you want a more dramatic look… stays in place and never flakes, even during workouts. Love it! :)
    Also… love your blog!!

  6. Welcome to Golds! So funny seeing pictures of my gym on your site hahah maybe we will run into each other one of these days!

    For mascara I use cover girl lash blast, I love it! Favorite group class is yoga because I am not about the hopping around classes. My gym membership to the Golds is $27 a month. The feds in the building pay $4…. A HOLES.

  7. Try Cover Girl Flamed Out, water-resistant. Horrible name, excellent mascara. It doesn’t run or flake and makes eyelashes look fantastic :) Arlington Gold’s is in my hood; maybe I’ll see you there! I frequent Ballston/Clarendon the most, but that one on N Courthouse is like, in my backyard. It used to be a Fitness First.

  8. Awwa poor Anthony, quitting CrossFit. Just kidding. Whatever works. I’d love to have a garage gym someday, but I’d miss my friends & coaches a lot. The functional room looks awesome. We’re actually members at another gym right now too. Isn’t that terrible? Our membership is finally going to be up there in a few weeks. And then I think we’re going to join Anytime also so I can use when I travel to Minnesota all the time since there are no affiliates nearby and I can go with my fam. I think our athletic club is about $150 and our CrossFit is about $240.

  9. Favorite class to take is probably still Pilates, which you don’t need to join a gym to get. I feel like I have a steal of a deal with my gym membership -$20/mo for unlimited classes, tanning (which I don’t do but still), and gym access. Plus there are several locations around the state that I can use. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I move!

    I don’t wear mascara except on special occasions, but the one tube I do have is some kind of Maybelline stuff. The tube comes in neon colors (pink, yellow, and blue, I think).

  10. Oh, and I only like yoga classes with a group. I’m super uncomfortable working out around other people. My gym routine is to get in-get it done-get out, as fast as possible.

    My gym is $49 a month, in Arlington, and is open 24/7/365 with a pool and sauna and all kinds of cool classes and stuff. I like it.

  11. My gym membership is covered by tuition, so it’s pretty expensive. But it comes with perks, like classes and a degree.
    I usually try a new kind of mascara every time I buy it because I can’t find one I like either!

  12. Does it make sense that I got extremely excited when you mention mascara?! 😉 I LOVE Benefit’s They’re Real. Pretty pricey, but SO worth it. My lashes stay long all day, even after a run and/or crossfit! My favorite “drug store” is Maybelline Illegal Length. We got a good price when we signed up for CrossFit at $200 for unlimited classes (for both of us); the rate for new members has gone up but I don’t know what it is. The regular gym is anywhere between $10 – $85 (depending on the gym and if you want access to one or all locations). But I don’t have the motivation to go into a regular gym and do crossfit style workouts. Good luck finding a mascara and a group class you enjoy!